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Diverse locations, Hull

Revealing the Transpennine Region. A transregional exhibition of publicly sited contemporary art to be held across the North of England. This show will bring together 50 artists working in public sites between Liverpool and Hull. Curated by Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson

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Revealing the Transpennine Region

Artranspennine03 is a transregional exhibition of publicly sited contemporary art to be held across the North of England from 23rd May - 16 August 2003

Curated by Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson this is the second in the Artranspennine series. And whilst the budget for the show has been slashed from £3million in 1998 to a mere £530 in 2003 the show will, in all other regards, follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

With an opening exactly 5 years to the day that ATP98 opened, and presenting the very best in contemporary public art, this show will bring together 50 artists working in public sites between Liverpool and Hull.

The projects being shown include:- a text work situated on the blanked out windows of a disused waterways office by Claire Hope, a protest march along the transpennine trail by Dave Beech, a computer program which automatically rings up public telephone boxes by James Brown, the removal of 1 cubic foot of earth from a hill in Lancashire by Oliver East as well a project to infect the transpennine landscape with the pox by Astrid Greenberry.

Work is going to be shown within city areas as well as in a range of rural locations. Charles Quick is causing the street lights in Leeds to come on during the daytime. David Osbaldeston is setting up an exhibition of Poussin inspired café scenes in a fairly small library in Derbyshire. Pippa Hale is placing souvenir in the museum shops in four cities in the transpennine region. Jen Southern is recreating George Cawley's historic first manned flight over Yorkshire in its 150th anniversary year. Another artist, an individual who operates under the name S5 Curator, is organising an exhibition of temporary public sculptures around Leeds. Twenty three artists are participating in the S5 curator project although they, like the S5 Curator, are unknown to the organisers of Artranspennine. Details of the locations of the sculptures will be posted on the Artranspennine web site as the information arrives.

Some artists who participated in the first Artranspennine are returning for this second presentation. John Newling, Graham Parker, Martin Vincent and Duncan Hamilton all participated in ATP98. Lawrence Weiner is even contributing the same work - a site specific sculpture made for Hull which is being relocated to a new home in Radcliffe. Truly it has become a transpennine work of art.

Curators Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, 'We're getting really very excited. The show is gonna be an absolute whopper! Art of the most inventive and subversive nature will be sneaking into public sites all over the North of England. No one asked us to organise the second edition of this show but given the brilliant ideas that the artists have come up with we know that its going to make a lot of people very happy. And that includes the art loving public between the Humber and the Mersey.'

The artists selected for ATP03 are:
Philip Barnes, Richard Bartle, Dave Beech, Emma Bolland, Brass Art, James Brown, Pavel Büchler, Matt Butt, Lucienne Cole, Stuart Croft, Mike Dawson, Gillian Dyson, Oliver East, Stuart Edmundson, Tim Etchells, Leo Fitzmaurice, Ryan Gander, Stefan Gec, Jason Green, Astrid Greenberry, Pippa Hale, Tony Hall, Duncan Hamilton, Kerry Harker, Shelley Heath, Andy Hewitt & Mel Jordan, Claire Hope, John Hornsby, James Hutchinson & Rachel Goodyear, Hilary Jack, Tony Kemplen, Pippa Koszerek, Laurence Lane, Kwong Lee, Rita McBride & Glen Rubsamen, Jim Medway, Paul Needham, John Newling, David Osbaldeston, Anneke Pettican & Spencer Roberts, Graham Parker, Magnus Quaife, Charles Quick, Paul Rooney, S5 Curator, Corona Smith, Jen Southern, Thomson & Craighead, David Titley, Martin Vincent, Gavin Wade, Watson & Wakeman and Lawrence Weiner

For more information contact the press and information office or call 07939 566569 or 07932 781536.

Artranspennine was established with a large scale exhibition during the summer of 1998. The exhibition, called ATP98, was organised by The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds and Tate, Liverpool and was always intended as the first in a series of such blockbuster shows. For a variety of reasons no subsequent ATP exhibition has ever been mounted and in this sense the Artranspennine brand had become vacant. Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson invited other artists to participate in the second in the Artranspennine series with the intention of keeping open the idea of a transregional exhibition of contemporary art.

Opening Ceremony in Hull
May 23rd 2003, 7pm
To mark the official opening of Artranspennine03 in Hull, a Red Ribbon Ceremony will take place off Kestrell Avenue in Spring Cottage, which marks one end of the Trans Pennine Trail in Hull. There will also be a land drawing by Corona Smith

For this official and exciting event, you are invited to discover this area of the Trans Pennine Trail as you cycle, walk or go by public transport (bus no. 51, 6.30 pm from Hull Bus Station, get off at Howdale Road) to join the celebration.

A number of Maps (with the route marked) are available for Free from the RED gallery, Hull Time Based Arts, ArtLink ExChange and City Information. Unmarked copies of the map can be picked up Free from any bicycle shop. Join us in the middle of nowhere to celebrate art and life!

dal 22/5/2003 al 16/8/2003

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