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Response Sound Maps/Walks
dal 5/11/2012 al 14/11/2012
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Irena Pivka

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Response Sound Maps/Walks

Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana

The selected works share a critical perception of social and political events based on sound intervention into a public space. The artists extracted the sound that was primary in their work and selected locations on the map in which to set them that are related to the creation of their works.

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It Is Time For Alert [Vrijeme za uzbunu]: Daniel Premec
They Live (in search of the text zero) [Oni žive (u potrazi za nultim tekstom)]: Maja Pelević in Milan Marković
Fountains, Phantoms [Fontane, fantomi]: Ronald Panza in Mili Sefić
Vitić_pleše [Vitić_dances]: Bacači sjenki
High noon [Točno u podne]: Zli bubnjari
Word is a Weapon, Take It Out of Your Mouth Beseda je orožje, vzemi jo iz ust: Simona Hamer, Simona Semenič, Zalka Grabnar Kogoj
Especially in August (Sidomos ne gusht): Ervin Hatibi
mikro)B(eograd: Saša Markovič Mikrob
Transmit Walk: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Response sound Maps/Walks map

The sound maps are created from nine selected (art/activist) works based on sound perception. The artists extracted the sound that was primary in their work and selected locations on the map in which to set them that are related to the creation of their works. The selected works share a critical perception of social and political events based on sound intervention into a public space.
The exhibition displays works by artists from the Balkans who share a similar but interrupted recent history that – today more than ever – re-establishes closeness. As illustrated by the artists, art proves to be a neuralgic point in a system because it revisits again and again its own history and forms a relation to the present that it critically reflects upon.

The Response Sound Maps/Walks are based on the radio aporee application. There are several modes of perception available to the visitor: a) a physical experience of the walks / artistwalks that follow marked paths composed of artworks in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar and Durres; b) a virtual walk on the map available at the gallery and online; and c) a combination of the physical and virtual experiences.
Like a foundation for the participating works, the sound and listening expand from the contextual sound landscape recordings, through primary, reduced sound records that are uniform and function as a sign, to displaced poetry as well as the hacked and re-directed narrative.
Through the exhibition project, the strength of a directed hearing experience is being processed. It is interesting to observe the way it affects the perception of a given space. A visitor of Response Sound Maps/Walks becomes a listener of the space that incorporates the reactions to what happens in the city. By placing the works in a physical location, a set of cities, locations and architectural objects that the artists give a voice to, we can listen to the story of a place. Space mapping through listening directs the attention not only to the city’s architecture but also to the power of its formation, which is not a coincidence but a basic place from which to further delegate and direct the population. The selected locations on which the works extend are not neutral; the reactions to political and social transformations are inscribed in them. Further to this, the map formed also investigates whether in situ works are able to establish a network of spatial connections that, by way of interactive sound maps, consolidate, complement or even transform the perception as well as the experience of a given space.


Response Sound Maps/Walks and radioCona:FIELD are generated within the project radioCona: TRANS_Locative (2012)
The works selected for the sound map Response Sound Maps/Walks were remade on the initiative of Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman; Response Sound Maps/Walks selection: Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik, Bernarda Cesar, Mela Žuljevič, Manja Ristič; radioCona:FIELD selection: Brane Zorman
exhibition web page: Slavko Glamočanin
speakers: Katja Kosi, Jelena Ličanin, Mario Kapelj
translations and proofreading: Melita Silič
proofreading: Eric Dean Scott

Produced by: CONA, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, Peričeva 7, SI -Ljubljana, contact: cona@cona.si http://www.cona.si http://www.radiocona.si

Partners: Sintoment Zagreb, NO FM Beograd, Abart Mostar
Exhibition partner Resposnes sound maps/walks: Aksioma
Broadcast partner radioCona:FIELD: RTV Slo oddajniki in zveze
Partner for work Oni žive (u potrazi za nultim tekstom) They Live (in search of the text zero): Maska Ljubljana

Project and project units of radioCona: TRANS_Locative are supported by Allianz Foundation, Ljubljana Municipality Department of Culture, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

FM and stream broadcasting
7 – 15 November 2012, (daily 11:55am – 9pm), radioCona FM 88.8MHz, http://www.radiocona.si/
radioCona broadcasting includes the selected artists field recording projects:
AIR/EAR sound and field recordings, Ruben Marino Tolosa
Montreal Sound Map, Max Stein and Julian Stein
radio aporee stream, Udo Noll
radioCona: Response Sound Maps/Walks, selected artistwalks
radio aporee ::: Maribor Maps

Exhibition opening, presentation and reception
Tue 6 November 2012, 8.00pm, Aksioma Project space Ljubljana

from Tue 6 November 2012
Zagreb (HR), Beograd (SR), Mostar, Sarajevo (BIH), Durres (AL), Ljubljana (SI)
permanent exhibition radioCona: Response sound Maps/Walks by using android application for mobiles (http://aporee.org/mfm/)

Lecture (Udo Noll, radio aporee) and artistwalks
Wed 7 November 2012, 6:00 pm, Aksioma Project space, Ljubljana

Public intervention
Sat 10 November 2012, 11.55am, Prešernov trg, Ljubljana
Daniel Premec: Vrijeme za uzbunu (It Is Time for Alert)

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Response Sound Maps/Walks
dal 5/11/2012 al 14/11/2012

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