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Cinemania / Harry Bertoia
dal 31/8/2012 al 22/12/2012
Tuesday - Sunday 10a.m. - 5p.m.

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Andrea Potochniak

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Cinemania / Harry Bertoia

Herbert F. Johnson Museum, New York

Film by Harun Farocki and Holly Zausner / Sound an Vision

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Cinemania turns the gallery into a laboratory for film, much like an editing room, where individual shots are closely examined before being assembled into new sequences. The exhibition presents two artists, Harun Farocki and Holly Zausner, who investigate the very structure of film by substituting its customary sequencing of pictures with simultaneous images. Farocki, known as an experimental filmmaker and media theorist, has suggested a more fluid conception of history: "The succession of montage allows one shot to replace the next and the message is: this image, not the one before. Simultaneity, on the contrary, expresses: this shot and at the same time this other one." As each letter is formed, the previous one disappears, which emphasizes the role of memory in the perception of moving images and resonates in complex ways with the broad and macroscopic views of the collages and the multichannel video installation; curator Andrea Inselmann. Harry Bertoia's broadly varied artistic output is difficult to classify. His son, Val Bertoia, offered perhaps the most astute description when he said: "Harry was a metal man. When Harry was making furniture, he was making metal comfortable for the human body. When Harry was making sound sculpture, he was making metal comfortable for the human mind."

Cinemania / Harry Bertoia
dal 31/8/2012 al 22/12/2012

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