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Louis Stettner
dal 10/12/2012 al 26/1/2013
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Louis Stettner

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Louis Stettner

Francois-Mitterrand Library, Paris

A retrospective of over eighty photographs

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It was in 1950 at the 5th Salon of Photography at the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, that the young American photographer, Louis Stettner, exhibited for the first time. Now, sixty-three years later, still photographing, he returns for a retrospective of over eighty photographs demonstrating the coherence and power of the route he has taken. The exhibition retraces the path of this tireless searcher, who for more than seventy years continually interprets life around him according to his personal vision. Through a portrayal of everyday street life, a profound panorama of Paris and New York, portraits, architecture, still lifes in black and white and color, his photographs demonstrate perpetual renewal. Today they are found in the collections of the greatest museums in the world. (Image: Paris 1950. C Louis Stettner)

Louis Stettner
dal 10/12/2012 al 26/1/2013

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