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Zhang Xiaogang
dal 12/12/2012 al 27/2/2013
tues - sat 10am - 6pm

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Zhang Xiaogang

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Zhang Xiaogang

Pace gallery, Beijing

New solo exhibition. His new paintings combine traditional Chinese motifs alongside contemporary elements

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"I found everything so remote but, at the same time, familiar when I occasionally looked into the mountains, rocks, pine trees and plums depicted in old literati paintings. My innermost feeling which was awakened by the same mountains, rocks, pine trees and plums has been totally and utterly changed. Moreover, like an apparition, it hides deep down in my vessels. The very trees and rocks have become the storage of memories and emotions from various eras. Forced by the rapid change of time and perspective, I cannot help but feel urged to face up to these things once again." (Zhang Xiaogang, 2012) The melancholy and isolated figures immersed in contemplation in Zhang Xiaogang's works have already been interpreted by the West as the archetypes of contemporary China. In his new works, the artist again returns to his old acquaintance traditional painting and continue his stylized tone with stains of time and warmth of life. Zhang Xiaogang's "amnesia" is the space of creative play where past and present, remembering and forgetting, the "me" and "not me" come together.

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