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The Art and Soul of Paper

Norwich University College of the Arts, Norwich

Three paper exhibitions, two artist talks and a workshop. With: Lucy Baxandall, John Browning, Ruth Brumby, Jean Mould Herrera, Viviane Colautti-Ivanova...

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The Art and Soul of Paper is associated with Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper held at Norwich University of the Arts from 12 March - 20 April. The Art and Soul of Paper presents ith: in Papermaking from Plants. While Washi: the Art of Japanese Papermaking launches an exhibition and book, symposium and papermaking demonstrations and masterclass with Japanese Papermakers. With over 55 artists this celebration of handmade paper and paper art links four galleries in Norwich and a symposium on Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper.

The Artist: Lucy Baxandall,Silvia Beltrami, Aidee Bernard,Les Bicknell, Felicity Booth, Anita Brendgens,John Browning, Ruth Brumby, Susanna Cianfarini, Viviane Colautti-Ivanova, Elaine Cooper,Betty & Van Der Linden Disco, Miriam Donnelly, Nicole Fiil, Anni Ginsberg, Tatiana Goodman, Lori Hart, Jean Mould Herrera, Diana Beltran, Helen Hiebert, Pat Hodson, Joanne B Kaar, Sarah Kelly, Gemma Khawaja, Susan Kristoferson, Lisbet Lark, Carolina Larrea, Jo Mc Donald,Julie Mc Laughlin, Catherina Nash,Alison Newman, Paulo-Jiun No, Helen O'Connor, Julia O'Leary,Brenda Parsons, Charmian Pollok, Jill Powers, Katya Reka, Maureen Richardson, Gerda Ritzman, Priscilla Robinson, Priscilla (Purcell) Rodrigues,Christine Ryan, Ruth Shomroni, Julie Sirek, Paolo Spalluto,Jennifer Spoon,Gail Stiffe,May-Lucy Suess, Hilary Sussum, Ismet Tatar,Gillian Taylor, Greetje van den Akker, Anne Vilsboell, , Eva WilckeIna Zeller-Bleil.

Norwich University College of the Arts
Elm Hill, NR3 IHN
Monday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm

The Art and Soul of Paper
dal 10/3/2013 al 5/4/2013

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