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Two exhibitions

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto

'The Substance of Time' is the largest retrospective exhibition devoted to the Jorge Martins's drawings. 'Serralves Collection: Recent Works' features a selection of works that have entered the collection of the Museum since 2009, through acquisition, artists' gifts or long-term loans and it considers new forms of art production from the past decade.

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DE 2013-03-15 a 2013-06-10

Curator: Marta Moreira de Almeida
Exclusive Sponsor: Fundação EDP
Co-production: Fundação de Serralves and Fundação Carmona e Costa

Jorge Martins’ artistic career (Lisbon, 1940) began in the 1960s. Consistently faithful to the fields of painting and drawing, his oeuvre reflects his experience and understanding of the various places where he has lived and worked, including Paris and New York.

Hosted simultaneously in Serralves, and the Fundação Carmona e Costa in Lisbon, ‘The Substance of Time’ is the largest retrospective exhibition devoted to the artist's drawings. Serralves will display over 200 works, created between 1965 and 2012, that reveal his constant appropriation of everyday items and his exhaustive research into modes of representation, in particular how light can reinvent space and objects. His drawings are primarily abstract and without colour. They present a language that is rich in textures, intensities and shades and which unfolds in continuous variations.


Serralves Collection: Recent Works
DE 2013-03-15 a 2013-06-10

Gerardo Burmester, Marcelo Cidade, Pedro Cabrita Reis, José Pedro Croft, Carla Filipe, Rita McBride, Charlotte Moth, Paulo Nozolino, Damián Ortega, João Penalva, Fernando José Pereira, Ana Maria Tavares, Guy Tillim, Francisco Tropa, Adriana Varejão, !Von Calhau!

"Serralves Collection: Recent Works" marks a renewed engagement with the collection of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art through a programme of special exhibitions and displays throughout the year in the Serralves Museum and Villa.

Presented in this first in the series, will be a selection of works that have entered the collection of the Museum since 2009, through acquisition, artists’ gifts or long-term loans. Representing both distinctive approaches and shared preoccupations of artists working in Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States, this new display considers new forms of art production from the past decade.

In 1999, the inaugural exhibition of the Museum, ‘Circa 1968’, laid the foundations for the Serralves Collection in relation to a vital decade in which new attitudes towards the production of art emerged, in Portugal and internationally. Marking the Museum´s tenth anniversary, ‘Serralves 2009: The Collection’ charted the growth of the Collection with reference to this earlier historic moment. This new display focuses on the early 2000s.

Moving beyond the framework of the international as a point of reference in relation to Portuguese art and artists, future presentations of the Collection will continue to celebrate interconnected and parallel art histories, as well as to examine specific contexts within a contemporary global reality. While resonating with the art of our recent past, the collection aspires to reflect how the art of today anticipates aspects of our future.

Coinciding with ‘Serralves Collection: Recent Works’ and on display in the Museum atrium spaces are the German artist Thomas Schütte’s sculptural installation Is There Life Before Death?, from 1998, and two seminal works by Alberto Carneiro revealing the role of photography within his sculptural practice: Os 4 elementos, made in 1969–79, and Ainda o mar para além do labirinto, from 1978. Carneiro’s Operação estética em Vilar do Paraíso of 1973 is on display in the Museum Library along with a selection of the artist’s editions and ephemera from the Serralves archive.

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Opening: March 15, 22h

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