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Laboratorium Austria

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Wien

An exhibition as part of MemScreen, an Art Based Research Project. It finds new artistic methods to represent narrations and memories that are associated with the complex historical connections between Israel and Austria, Austria and the holocaust.

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Film conference "2doing Memory – Formen der Erinnerung" (in process of planning)

MemScreen is an Art Based Research Project funded through the PEEK Program of the Austrian Research Fund (FWF). The Project is based at the Research lab for Film and TV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. It is developed by Tal Adler, Friedemann Derschmidt (project management), and Karin Schneider.

MemScreen finds new artistic methods to represent narrations and memories that are associated with the complex historical connections between Israel and Austria, Austria and the holocaust. MemScreen is creating and researching artistic methods to facilitate the translation of artworks from the Israeli context to the Austrian/European one and vice versa.
One of our aims is to contribute possible ways of dealing with the question of contextualization that marks a fundamental curatorial problem and is acute in the contemporary debate of new (artistic) curatorship. Connected with this approach, the other aim is to create a Holocaust-connected documentary that would use experimental strategies to represent the “problem of representation.” The way the audience understands our art suggestions in Israel and Austria will also be researched and well though through.
MemScreen is a transnational project and will take place in our partner art institutions in Austria (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) and Israel (Digital Art Center Holon, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, etc.). MemScreen continues our earlier, long-standing and broad scholarly and artistic work on the connection between individual and collective memories (see above film projects and installations of ritesinstitute and artworks of Tal Adler) and the axis Israel-Austria (see above the Tal Adler & ritesinstitute projects). The core team consists of the artists and artist researchers Tal Adler, Attila Kosa, ritesinstitute (Friedemann Derschmidt & Karin Schneider) and the Israeli writer Ilana Schmueli, born in Cherniviz. One pillar of the poroject is the organisation of intense workshops and public lectures at the partner institutions with the board members. This approach will render our process more precise and establish an interdisciplinary discursive and productive field for art-based research about memory, narration and translation in Austria and Israel.
MemScreen defines itself as an archival project. Archive in this sense is not only understood as a fixed data bank but also as a dynamic digital working platform. The digital archive in this context is a tool to initiate effective learning processes for the MemScreen participants (the artist researcher team, partners, board and artists-in-residence) and multiple publics. In the MemScreen archive the narrations, memories, researched artworks, workshop discussions, objects and images are subject to be rearranged and connected with new research questions. These questions develop within our practical experiences.

Exhibition committee:
Martina Fleischer (Painting Gallery)
Denise Fragner (Student Union)
Claudia Kaiser (Public Relation)
Luisa Kasalicky (Institute for Fine Arts)
Cornelia Reiter (Graphic Collection)
Christian Kravagna (Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies)
Ruth Lackner (Exhibition Management)
Marion von Osten (Institute for Education in the Arts)
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet (Institute for Art and Architecture)
Marlies Surtmann (Student Union)
Substitute members:
Martin Beck (Institute for Education in the Arts)
Bettina Henkel (Institute for Fine Arts)
Claudia Koch (Painting Gallery)
Antje Lehn (Institute for Art and Architecture)
Elisabeth Samsonow (Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies)
Mario Strk (Student Union)
Annamaria Tatu (Student Union)
Without a vote:
Andrea B. Braidt (Vice-Rector for Art | Research; chair)
Martina Dattes (Assistance)

Exhibition Management:
Ruth Lackner

Vice-Rector for Art | Research Mag. Dr. Andrea B. Braidt, MLitt

Image: Photograph from the private album (1900s to 1940s) of the eugenicist Dr. Heinrich Reichel, laboratory

Opening: March 21, 2013, 7 p.m.

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna
Opening Hours:
Tue–Sun 10.00 am - 06.00 pm, free admission

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