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Vertical Club

Bortolami Gallery, New York

The show, curated by artist Will Benedic, includes works by Thomas Bayrle, Wolfgang Breuer, Tom Burr, Clegg&Guttman, Tom Humphreys, Anita Leisz, Pentti Monkkonen and many more.

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Curated by Will Benedict

Bortolami Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition VERTICAL CLUB, curated by artist Will Benedict. The exhibition will include works by Thomas Bayrle, Wolfgang Breuer, Tom Burr, Clegg&Guttman, Tom Humphreys, Nina K├Ânnemann, Anita Leisz, David Leonard, Hans Friedrich Lissman, Pentti Monkkonen, Ariel Pink / Animal Charm, Willem Oorebeek, Sabine Reitmaier, Anne Speier, Lucie Stahl, Amelie von Wulffen, Stephen Willats and Will Benedict.

The exhibition is a 1:1 scale mise-en-scene of the city, with a silhouette of a city-scape made of Thomas Bayrle wallpaper and a population composed of Willem Oorebeek's "Vertical Club" (after which the exhibition takes its title). A restaurant with plates by Tom Humphreys and spoons by Anne Speier will feature a collaborative series by Clegg&Guttmann and Will Benedict of people having dinner. A copy shop by Wolfgang Breuer, a bus stop by Pentti Monkkonen, bathroom doors by Anita Leisz and a pillar for a highway underpass by Amelie von Wulffen all lead the viewer to read the exhibition as elements of a city. Public information will be presented in the form of a poster by Amelie von Wulffen and Lucie Stahl promoting NYC's annual AIDS walk; while another poster, by Nina K├Ânnemann, advertises her film "Bann", which documents public smoking habits in London's financial district, plays in a theater with seating by Tom Burr. TV's in the restaurant will feature a video by artist David Leonard originally broadcast on KTLA News, in which he reminisces on his experiences as a Jew during the L.A. riots, along with a music video by Animal Charm for Ariel Pink's "Witchhunt Suite for WWIII" and an animation by Thomas Bayrle of a head made of highways. A mural by Stephen Willats comparing buildings to people, ceramics to buildings and people to ceramics is the writing on the wall.

Will Benedict (b. 1978) is an artist living and working in Vienna. Recent solo exhibitions include Black Friday Sample Sale, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna and Dead Sea Sample Sale, Neue Alte Bruecke, Frankfurt. Recent curated exhibitions by Benedict include Commercial Psycho at Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York and Anita Leisz / Nora Schultz at Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna. Since 2008 he has run the exhibition space Pro Choice with Lucie Stahl.

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Opening Thursday, April 4 6-8 pm

Bortolami Gallery
510 West 25th Street New York
Admission free

Tom Burr
dal 28/10/2015 al 22/12/2015

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