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Marc Vincent Kalinka
dal 17/4/2013 al 31/5/2013

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Marc Vincent Kalinka

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Marc Vincent Kalinka

Barbarian Art Gallery, Zurich

Broken in Thousand Pieces. He works with different kind of media, such as photography, performance and video. He also uses found objects, transforming them in stand-alone installations. His themes are mainly related to our society, described using physical actions, symbols and words.

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Natasha Akhmerova and the Barbarian Art team are pleased to present for the second time in the Barbarian Art Gallery in Zurich a solo show by the italo-russian artist Marc Vincent Kalinka. Under the title BROKEN IN THOUSAND PIECES the artist focuses on the concepts of de-construction and participation, featuring c-prints and serigraphs, as well as puzzles, adhesive tape and unfinished paintings, which can be accomplished by the buyer of the work:

"I feel broken. My thoughts are so fast that I can barely grab them, 'cause they are little pieces of ideas, memories, projects, phrases written or heard somewhere. 
Sometimes I cannot sleep because of them. Trying to put them together like puzzle tiles.

We cannot afford to live at this speed any longer. So fast but not getting anywhere. So fragmented not to be able to see the whole picture.

We cannot afford to lose the sense of integrity.
I want to slow down and to put them together again.
The series of artworks I present in this exhibition is part of a path based on the idea of fragmentation. We all live fragmented, broken in pieces also because of the present new age of technocracy, where knowledge is spread over the internet and not anymore in our brains, in our books and in our heritage.
We all know a part of it, but not all.
That’s why I decided to split all the artworks, because that's how I perceive what's around me. A world in pieces, which all seems to be crumbling.
And I also perceived the difficulty, as part of a whole, to participate directly, hands in hands, in any kind of human activities. 
Therefore I ask people, in some cases, to put some of my artworks together, action which involves complicity and commitment.

I want to play with them the game of commitment. Which means taking time and collaborating. 
Is this social?

The complicity itself implies participation in the art process, which sometimes could simply be the fact of standing in front of an artwork, looking at it.
But in this case I trust the collector with the idea of deciding whether to keep or share my artwork, to sell one part, becoming merchant and art producer.
And with sharing I mean "splitting" the artwork in many pieces, or reproducing it by themselves.

And, as last step, trying the hard task of involving them in the role play of "do it yourself".

That's social!"
Marc Vincent Kalinka

Kalinka works with different kind of media, such as photography, performance and video. He also uses found objects, normally made for the everyday use and customizes them, transforming them in stand-alone installations, which often combine video and audio devices. His themes are mainly related to our society, described using physical actions, symbols and words. With great humour and irony he refers to social and political issues. Hereby he focuses on the misery of a world that man continues to destroy and rebuild.

Marc Vincent Kalinka (*1968 Milan) undertook his artistic career in 2003, after an early experience in music and a subsequent professional experience as a theater actor and stage director. Kalinka is now a renowned artist and his works have been shown in important exhibitions, such as in the Venice Biennale, in the Moscow Biennale, at the Frieze Art Fair in London and find space in prestigious international private and public collections.

Alessandra Ruggieri De Micheli

Opening 18th april 2013, 6.30 - 9.30 pm
Finissage 1st june 2013, 11.00 - 5.00 pm

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