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Les Bains

Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

Artists residency - photo show. In this photography exhibition Stephane Bisseuil and Jerome Coton trace the ephemeral artistic residency of Les Bains and show the works created by 50 artists.

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Artists in residency: 9eme concept, Jef Aerosol, Apotre, Ash, Babou, Philippe Baudelocque, Cedric Bernadotte, Mr Brainwash, c215, Thomas Canto, Tarek, Dem189, Futura, Gilbert1, Jay, Eva Jospin, Jean Francois Julian, Katre, L'atlas, Legz, Lek, Lemoduledezeer, Ludo, Marko, Sandra Matamoros, Jerome Mesnager, Mosco et Associes, Nasty, Parole, Poesia, Popay, Psy, Sambre, Joachim Sauter, Seth, Skki, Sowat, Space invader, Spe, Sten lex, Stew, Jeanne, Susplugas, Swiz, Tanc, Teurk, Vhils, Jacques Villegle, Wxyz, Yz, Zlotykamien.

This photography exhibition, Stéphane BISSEUIL and Jérôme COTON, traces the ephemeral artistic residency of Les Bains and shows the works created by 50 artists. From January to April 2013, artists invaded the 3000 m² of this legendary building dating from 1885. Stéphane BISSEUIL and Jérôme COTON were the only photographers to be allowed to enter this venue and join the crazy adventure. Today they present the photos they took each day during this period, as a visual memory of these ephemeral works in situ.

The adventure begun when the owner Jean-Pierre Marois invited Magda Danysz to be the curator of this crazy project. With four generations of urban artists, from Jacques Villéglé (in his 80s) or Gerard Zlotykamien (in his 70s), to VHILS (in his 20s), the artists were offered to take over the space freely and without any limits. Each artist made a final tribute to this “nightlife temple” and to this impressive Haussmannian building. Everyone found their individual source of inspiration and worked in situ. In this exhibition, photographs by Stéphane BISSEUIL and Jerome COTON trace all these achievements – from young talents such as L’ATLAS, STEN LEX, SAMBRE, WXYZ recognized on the street-art scene to more established artists as MOSKO ET ASSOCIES, JEF AEROSOL, as well as the first generation of Parisian graffiti artists - JAYONE, SKKI and ASH.

This exhibition, organised by the gallerie Magda Danysz, Jean-Pierre Marois and Colombe de La Taille (ADL Conseil), shares the memories of this ephemeral art project through exclusive photos (the whole space was closed during the artistic residency). These photos are both powerful and impressive but also marked with nostalgia. The level of creativity seen here is unique and evokes the artistic performance specific to this original residency in Les Bains.

Opening 22 June, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm

Magda Danysz Gallery
78 rue Amelot Paris 11
open from Tuesday to Friday from 11AM to 7PM and Saturday from 2PM to 7PM
Métro: St-Sebastien-Froissart

dal 23/10/2015 al 27/11/2015

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