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Ian Barry
dal 26/7/2013 al 30/8/2013

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Ian Barry

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Ian Barry

Michael Kohn Gallery (old location), Los Angeles

The White emerges from artist's continued exploration of symbolism, power and speed. The Kestrel and The Black, two of Barry's earlier works from The Falcon Series, will be displayed along side new pieces.

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The Michael Kohn Gallery is pleased to present ‘The White, The Black, The Kestrel’, an exhibition of original motorcycles by Ian Barry. The White emerges from Barry’s exploration of speed and propulsion, using the motorcycle to convey the concept of engineering as an art form. Also on display are The Kestrel and The Black, two of Barry’s earlier works from The Falcon Ten collection, as well as original drawings and photography illustrating the inspirations and concepts that inform his work.

The White is a departure from the familiar framework of customizing existing motorcycles. With the exception of the engine and two tires, Barry formed The White piece by piece from blocks and sheets of raw material over a two year time period. Barry’s work is a study in the latent potential of engine as object. It is a study that constitutes an investigation into the psychology and symbolism of power, motion, and masculinity. These elements are present in the entire creative process for Barry: from drawing and sculpting to brazing, modeling, and machining his work into its final form. Barry’s intimate and intricate practice depicts a restrained aesthetic condensed into an emotionally succinct and cerebral vision.

Ian Barry (b. 1973, Santa Cruz, CA). Barry’s early study of architecture and engineering led to his fascination with motorcycles. Barry moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue the arts, and is currently working out of his studio in Hollywood, California.

Image: The Black, 2011 952 Vincent Black Shadow engine, acrylic, 7075 + 6061 T6 aluminum, Avon tires, Borrani 21″ WM1 wheel, Borrani 20″ WM2 wheel, brass, 954 bronze alloy, copper, cloth, enamel, epoxy, glass, leather, light-emitting diodes, nickel, pyrex, rubber, silver, stainless mesh, stainless steel, steel, springs, titanium, white gold leaf. 33 x 30 x 80 inches

For further inquiry please contact Laura Sumser laura@kohngallery.com , or Lindsey Schiff-Abrams lsa424@gmail.com

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Ian Barry
dal 26/7/2013 al 30/8/2013

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