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Janine Antoni: Touch
dal 21/8/2013 al 23/11/2013

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Trine Sondergaard


Janine Antoni

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Janine Antoni: Touch

Brandts Mediemuseet, Fotokunst, Kunsthallen, Odense

This year's open slot. Breaking art news on a very short notice

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A video work by Janine Antoni called Touch. The artist learned tightrope walking and in the video she balances near the sea, and at times it seems as if she is balancing at the horizon. If I could walk anywhere where would I walk? And that brought me to the horizon line... Just to be able to balance there for a second was a way of bringing you to the point of desire, Janine Antoni, 2002. Opening at 5pm, free admission.

Jesper Christiansen
dal 9/10/2013 al 1/3/2014

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