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Coup de Ville

Different venues, Sint-Niklaas

Attracted by another level. An exhibition and city festival. Inspired by 'Chambres d'amis' of 1986, the show offers a platform to artists, whereby a dialogue is engaged in with the surrounding area and its inhabitants. With lectures, debates, performances, theatre and concerts.

comunicato stampa

Coup de Ville is an exhibition and city festival of contemporary art lasting from September to the end of October 2010, held in private and public locations in the city-centre of Sint-Niklaas. Key notions are integrity-led artistic engagement, dialogue, superseding cultures and generations. The title symbolically refers to an ‘occupied city’.

Artistic Director: Stef Van Bellingen Management: Wim Viaene Production: Jasper De Pagie General coordination: Marianne Sneijers Graphic design: Chiel De Cuyper Contact Asia: Zou Wei Website, ICT: Tom Slabbinck, Chiel De Cuyper, Davy de Coninck/Becosoft Technical Assistance: François Speleman Chairman: Wim De Cuyper.

Inspired by Jan Hoet’s ‘Chambres d’amis’ of 1986, the exhibition wishes to offer a platform to contemporary art and artists, whereby a dialogue is engaged in with the surrounding area and its inhabitants. Jan Hoet has committed to his involvement in this and is actively involved with encounters and discussions within the educational programme. He shares the project’s curatorship with Stef Van Bellingen.

Contrary to ‘Chambres d’amis’ in ‘Coup de Ville’ not only are interiors in private homes used, but also gardens, museum and public spaces are proposed to artists as possible locations. Artists are invited for an initial prospection and decide on that basis whether they feel an affinity with the exhibition model and the challenges that emanate from certain places. We are counting on an approach that is both considered and involves integrity on the part of the artists, and we are open to the unexpected. The way in which an artist gives an artistic response often diverges from the question initially posed.

The exhibition Coup de ville and especially its subtitle, 'Attracted by another level,' fully alludes to the metaphor for flying and was presented to the participating artists as a catalyst for their imagination. The 'other or higher level' refers in the broad sense to the search for quality and ultimately leads to the question: 'As an organization, how can we—today and in the future—meaningfully handle art and create a home for it?

People often associate quality with 'big names.' In Coup de ville this option did not form the basis for inviting the artists. The selection is based on the relationships with artists that have been developed over a longer period of time. Starting in 2007, this took shape through the organization of portfolio days, and since 2010 by means of its extended version: the international artists' village. Coup de ville is an exhibition, but also a community of persons who intensively look for meaning in art.

One of the first artworks realised in this exhibition is the bridge by Adrien Tirtiaux and works a metaphor for our organisation and show. Tirtiaux, an architect by training, points out problematic situations and examines how the artist's thinking relates to this. In spite of the fact that, according to the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, the reasoning and the actions of the engineer and the tinkerer are strongly divergent: Both appear frequently geared to problem-solving. According to the same theory, artists combine both these thought processes and, following a set plan, resort to improvisation, making use of what is at hand or available.

There is an extensive (art) educational programme aimed at various age and target groups. Just as ambitious is the topical programme of encounters, lectures, debates, performances, theatre and concerts.

Coup deVille is an exhibition spread throughout the city that follows a certain itinerary, with various locations in the centre of Sint-Niklaas. The itinerary has as its outer limits the Koningin Fabiolapark / Shopping Centre Waasland, and on the other side the NMBS-station. These are two locations along which one usually reaches Sint-Niklaas (the E-17 motorway and the railway line linking Antwerp-Ghent). In all, some 25 locations will be used.

Established in 2006 in Sint-Niklaas, the non-profit organisation WARP is dedicated to contemporary art and artists

11 september: Opening (invitation only) in Knaptandstraat 42, 9100 Sint-Niklaas
14.00u : speeches by Jozef Dauwe and Lieve Van Daele, free visit to Coup de Ville and performances by WIT, Eisa Jocson and Mannenkoor De Welgezinden
17.30u : double deckers fly in formation over Sint-Niklaas
19.30u : speeches by Stef Van Bellingen & Jan Hoet
12 september - 24 october: Exibition (thursday, friday, saturday and sunday)
1-5 october: Artist's village

Meetingpoints & ticketing:
Warp/Stichting Jan Buytaert – Apostelstraat 20 – 9100 Sint-Niklaas
Volkshuis – Vermorgenstraat 9 – 9100 Sint-Niklaas (close to the trainstation Sint-Niklaas)
Both meetingpoints are open from 9h30 to 18h.
Opening hours:
Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10h to 13u30 and 14h to 18h
Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Admission fee (includes visitors guide):
Individual dayicket: € 15, reduced price: € 11, groups: € 10, students (-26j): € 3

Coup de Ville
dal 10/9/2013 al 12/10/2013

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