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Nika Radic
dal 12/9/2013 al 24/9/2013

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Nika Radic

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Nika Radic

MMC Luka, Pula

The Message. Installation and recent works

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"The Message" by Nika Radic uses its own reception as a constitutive part of the work. The artist is building an installation, a construction similar to her early works from the late 90's that used formal principles of modernism in order to build an abstract architectural construction. Inaugurated at the LoBe gallery in Berlin last month, second iteration is now being built with new transformations and changes at the MMC Luka gallery in Pula. Main interest Nika Radic is going to pursue in this project is the transformation of a work of art as a result of the participation and interpretation by the invited participants, art professionals. "The message" could be viewed as metonymical architecture. Along with the new architectural construction, solo exhibition at MMC Luka includes a selection of recent works by Nika Radic (video installations, drawings, photographs). The different works build new relationships in the gallery setup thus creating new (possible) relations between them and giving them a new perspective. Admission free.

Nika Radic
dal 12/9/2013 al 24/9/2013

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