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Emanuele Serafini
dal 11/10/2013 al 27/10/2013

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Emanuele Serafini

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Emanuele Serafini

Citadella Gallery, Bucarest

Tentazione sacrificale del vuoto. On show picturs of the artist's car into the hands of the public during an happening held in 2011.

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Citadella Gallery invites you warmly to take part Saturday, October 12, 2013 , 18:30 h, at the opening of Emanuele Serafini’s personal exhibition ( Sora, Italy ) entitled " The temptation to sacrifice of the void" . During this event he will also make a short presentation of her workshop that will develop during her stay in Romania, open to the public.

"One of the great Maoist slogans of the red years was << Dare to fight, dare to win>>. But we know that, if it is not easy to follow this slogan, if subjectivity fears both the fight and the victory, it is because the fight exposes it to mere failure (the attack was unsuccessful), whereas victory exposes it to the most frightening form of failure: the awareness that the victory has been in vain, that the victory prepares for repetition, for restoration. That a revolution is never more than being between-two-States. It is from this that the sacrificial temptation of the void derives. The most frightening enemy of emancipation politics is not repression by the established order. It is the inner being of nihilism, and the unlimited cruelty that can accompany its void."
A.Badiou, L'Hypothèse communiste, Lignes, Paris, 2009, p.28

On this problematic background that is related to the void theories, theories that are blended in different proportions within each and every work, one accomplishes different effects and achievements. New attitudes are being recreated, not by the simple imitation of the originar model, but with the help/participation of the re-order of the primordial chaos.
The horizon of form/meaning is being emphasized upon. It is perceived as a game, as one anthropologic and sociologic shape of reality, that helps us in the end to understand/decode the text demarcations.
The dialectical nature of the game is being emphasized upon, and it becomes an indispensable ingredient of the events’/workshop’s audience’s creative spontaneity.

Prof.dr.Marius Burhan

Tentazione sacrificale del vuoto (Sacrificial temptation of the void)

During a happening entitled Speech about cryisis, held in 2011, I put my own car, a 2008 Dacia Logan, into the hands of the public. During the event those taking part were faced with the car, some keys, and a request from me to scratch the car in whatever way they wanted.
The work lay in the request, the interior involvement of the people there at the moment in which they were forced to review the whole substrate of day-to-day rules and conventions that we have all grown up with.

What remains of that happening is my scratched car, bearing witness to the creative work performed. Every scratch tells the history of the work, the result generated by the request "I ask you to scratch my car" is divided into two parts, those who chose to scratch the car, and those who chose not to do so. The result is an obvious dialogue between scratches and parts of the bodywork that have been left untouched, demonstrating the impasse created during the happening.

What you see in this exhibition are photos of the car, taken during the days following the happening. These photos are documentary, and gain a historic-documentary meaning in that they bear witness to the process that took place.
The Sacrificial temptation of the void is present in these photos insofar as the photos themselves document the doubts felt by every single person faced with the choice of carrying out or not carrying out a socially unacceptable action.

Emanuele Serafini, artist.

Opening 18:30, Saturday 12.10.2013

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