22 rue Visconti
22 rue Visconti

dal 20/10/2013 al 1/11/2013
wed-sat 15-20
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Frank Perrin

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22 rue Visconti, Paris

A group show with works by Catalina Niculescu, Faycal Baghriche, Frank Perrin, Kleber Matheus, Gianni Motti, Julie Bena, Julio Le Parc, Matthieu Clainchard & Nicolas Milhe, Laurent Perbos, Takis, Ugo Schiavi.

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Don’t be afraid of BLING !

[Do not be afraid of BLING, it is not going to eat you]

Of course, neon is a contemporary art cliché. Still, let’s celebrate its come back in this fall-season! LEGITIMATE your collection with Julio Le Parc: be destabilized by the political-cinetic! Be DAZZLED by a Takis’ work of art, bright-magnetico-bling indeed! Let yourself be SEDUCED by Kleber Matheus and MATCH your tropical bling interior design to your wardrobe in doing so! OPEN a window to the sky with Julie Béna’s One day! ILLUMINATE your life with a ceiling lamp by Ugo Schiavi! ADORN your home sweet home with a multilayered Laurent Perbos! The Little Match Girl misses you?? Never mind, Catalina Niculescu brings you into its world with Matches!

Joking aside: the bling is an anti-crisis treatment, but the crisis is here. Pharmakon by Matthieu Clainchard & Nicolas Milhé refers to both treatment and poison, when the cure is worse than the disease itself. Actually, this pharmacy sign imitation isn’t just a play on Arnaud Deschin’s former activity. Diversion, displacement: these also are appropriate adjectives to define Gianni Motti’s practice. For instance, instead of inviting to art openings, he welcomed people to solar or lunar eclipses. But these camouflages were done in a more magical than pharmaceutical atmosphere.

- Let’s get out of art!

- Get of the darkness! Faiçal Baghriche would answer.

Made in China by Chinese workers, the Arabic neon phrase he commissioned became pure abstraction for those who produced it and most of its receiver. And yes, all that glitters is not gold; all that glitters is not from a country respecting human rights. And Frank Perrin to add in a minimal chic aesthetic: CAPITAL IS ART. Within an art fair, one can say it fits the context and shake it at the same time!

Assume the bling, change your behavior without making an error: the BLING is DEAD, LONG LIVE the BLING!

Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani

Image: Catalina NICULESCU, Matches, 2.50 min, 16 mm Film, 2008, Ed. 2/5, courtesy de l’artiste et La GAD.

Opening Reception 21 octobre de 6-9 PM

22 rue visconti 75006 Paris
Wed-Sat 15-20 or by appointment

dal 20/10/2013 al 1/11/2013

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