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Deferred Archive
dal 27/8/2013 al 26/10/2013
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Deferred Archive

Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation - CIFO, Miami

Tenth edition of CIFO's Grants & Commissions Program

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The tenth edition of CIFO's Grants & Commissions Program features newly commissioned works by Jorge Mendez Blake (Mexico), Milena Bonilla (Colombia), Miguel Calderon (Mexico), Antonio Caro (Colombia), Benvenuto Chavajay (Guatemala), Jose' Gabriel Fernandez (Venezuela), Sofia Olascoaga (Mexico), Manuela Ribadeneira (Ecuador), Laureana Toledo (Mexico) and Santiago Villanueva (Argentina). Deferred Archive refers to the idea that memory is constructed retrospectively - not from past to future, but from future to past, so that the events that we experience are not fixed in time, but fleeting from one subject to the other. In Hal Foster's Return of the Real, he looks to Freudian theory of deferred action to recover psychoanalysis as a model to understand how we construct the history of avant-garde art. According to Foster, Freud's theory of deferred action is seen as an event that is recorded as traumatic when a subsequent event retroactively recodes it. Foster, in turn, proposes that the significance of the events of the avant-garde occurs in a similar way by a complex alternation of anticipation and reconstruction. Thus we see what happens when artists work with the idea of the archive. The archive becomes a distinct model in understanding how memory is constructed. (Image: Manuela Ribadaneira, Horizontes artificiales, instrumentos de reflejo, 2013. Photo: Oriol Tarridas).

Permission To Be Global/Practicas Globales
dal 3/12/2013 al 22/2/2014

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