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Leonor Antunes
dal 4/9/2013 al 1/11/2013
thursday - saturday 3pm - 7pm

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Leonor Antunes

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Leonor Antunes

Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisboa

New sculptural works

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Over the years, Antunes's practice has been resorting more and more to the detailed observation of the exhibition spaces in which it exists, or of the contexts in which it develops from. Precise measurements and the duplication of existing structures thus become central elements of an artistic strategy that even though traceable back to a minimalist and conceptual heritage, depends tremendously on traditional knowledge to be executed. Fishing nets, leather and hardwoods are recurring materials of an already extensive sculptural body of work, which will now be on view in Lisbon, in an exhibition featuring new work developed specifically for Kunsthalle Lissabon's space. Opening reception September 5th, 10pm.

Patrizio di Massimo
dal 14/2/2014 al 11/4/2014

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