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Two exhibitions
dal 21/11/2013 al 11/1/2014
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Two exhibitions

Houston Center for Photography, Houston

Contemporary Photography and the Ways We Eat: artworks highlighting a uniquely visual relationship with food, reflecting a variety of ways photographs inform how we picture food and see ourselves. Also, the Student's annual exhibition of selected works.

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Sea Food, Contemporary Photography and the Ways We Eat
Our appetite for food imagery is voracious. The popularity of cooking programs, foodie blogs, and pictures of food on social media reflects some of the ways our current encounters with food and food issues have become increasingly visual. Food trucks, farmers markets, and community gardens have redesigned the urban food-scape. When mediated through the lens of a camera, our cultural relationship with food is transformed into a complex single-sensory engagement that is guided by sight but charged with personal, political, and sensual associations. The eleven artists in See Food experiment with this visual investment in the power of food by exploring both its formal qualities and its cultural relevance.

Mark Menjivar, Emily Peacock, and Emily Sloan look to food as a raw expression of identity and personal taste, while others, such as Jonathan Blaustein and Nolan Calisch, use food to challenge the current modes and costs of industrial production and suggest alternative commercial models. By fusing food to plate, Damaris Booth’s ceramic sculptures play with the ephemeral nature of leftovers and consider how quickly a desired dish becomes refuse. In Andrzej Maciejewski‘s modern take on sixteenth-century Flemish paintings, fruits and vegetables are catalogued, certified, and labeled to adhere to a standardized definition of nature. These artists create images that are both still lifes and portraits, indicative of their individual experiences and engagements with the meaning of food today.

For Nolan Calisch, David Welch, Christin Boggs, and Corey Arnold, the camera records a tactile encounter with food, either on the farm, in the field, or at sea, while Jody Horton uses cookbooks and narrative forms to highlight contemporary means of hunting and gathering. More documentary in approach, these photographers illustrate a growing cultural interest in knowing food at its source.

All of these artworks highlight a uniquely visual relationship with food, reflecting a variety of ways photographs inform how we picture food and see ourselves.
(Natalie Zelt, Curator)

Participating Artists:
Corey Arnold (Portland, OR)
Jonathan Blaustein (Arroyo Hondo, NM)
Christin Boggs (Washington, D.C.)
Damaris Booth (London, England)
Nolan Calisch (Portland, OR)
Jody Horton (Austin, TX)
Andrzej Maciejewski (Ontario, Canada)
Mark Menjivar (San Antonio, TX)
Emily Peacock (Houston, TX)
Emily Sloan (Houston, TX)
David Welch (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

Learning Curve 7: HCP's Student Exhibition
Learning Curve is an annual exhibition of selected work made by HCP´s students from the past year. From digital to alternative processes, the exhibition highlights the various educational programs HCP offers through its Learning Center.

HCP offers over 300 workshops and classes a year ranging in skill level and medium reaching over 1,000 lifelong learners. The instructors that lead these photography workshops are local professional photographers and artists that are able to share their knowledge with the Houston community. In addition to the group of instructors from Houston, HCP also hosts classes taught by visiting artists from across the nation such as Henry Horenstein, Dan Burkholder, Susan Burnstine, Sally Gall, and Joni Sternbach. With a large and experienced group of instructors, HCP is able to offer something to students of all levels and photographic experiences.
The exhibition is juried by Allison Pappas, Curatorial Assistant, Photography Department at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Development and PR Coordinator
Sandy Vitrano tel 713-529-4755 Fax 713-529-9248 sandy@hcponline.org

Opening Friday 22 November 2013 at 18 - 20h

Houston Center for Photography
1441 W. Alabama St., Houston
Open hours: from Wednesday to Thursday 11 - 21, Friday 11 - 17, Saturday and Sunday 11 - 19
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Two exhibitions
dal 21/11/2013 al 11/1/2014

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