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Zilvinas Landzbergas
dal 18/10/2013 al 22/11/2013
Tuesday - Saturday, 13-18 pm

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Zilvinas Landzbergas

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Zilvinas Landzbergas

Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam

Character R. Sculptural series together for the first time

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Individual letters seem to lead their own lives in the universe of Zilvinas Landzbergas. Like characters they are not just abstract, linguistic signs, but personas who figure in his visual narratives, with their personal form and suggestion of sounds. "Character R is the one I want to dedicate this storyline to. It's not special, it's just my favourite." Landzbergas's installations - often made from simple and found materials - are like still lifes, each time centering a different storyline. For The Capital R, his second solo exhibition at the gallery, the Lithuanian artist brings these separate, but continuous storylines in the form of sculptural series together for the first time. In these installations, the artist shows the physical strength of everyday objects, but simultaneously confuses these through small changes or optical illusion.

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