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Yael Davids
dal 5/12/2013 al 21/12/2013

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Yael Davids

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Yael Davids

Redcat, Los Angeles

A Reading that Writes - a Physical Act II. Performance and Installation

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In A Reading that Writes - a Physical Act II, Yael Davids describes the landscape surrounding the kibbutz where she grew up: "Uphill were the beautiful ruins of the old Arab village Suba. We called it "the Arab Tzuba," not fully realizing what that meant. We loved walking there as kids. It was a beautiful place with a beautiful view-this was nature." As the script develops, we learn that the landscape had been the site of a Palestinian village, its population displaced and its buildings dilapidating into nature. The ambiguous status of objects and places, and how this ambiguity produces meaning, is central to Davids' projects. In her performance installations, she considers the intersection of personal and political narratives, memory and history, the private and the public, and examines the body as a site of convergences and conflicts. Gallery performances: Friday, December 6 (followed by reception), 8pm and Sunday, December 8, 4:30pm.

When is Art Political?
dal 5/11/2015 al 6/11/2015

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