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Sophie Calle
dal 12/11/2013 al 10/1/2014

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Sophie Calle

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Sophie Calle

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin - Saint-Claude, Paris

Derobes. Two series 'What do you see?' and 'Purloined' as well as the artwork 'Le Major Davel' are being displayed. The artworks shown in the exhibition are featured in the book 'Ghosts' published by Actes Sud.

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The solo exhibition by Sophie Calle “Dérobés” is organized at Galerie Perrotin, Paris, from November 13, 2013 to January 11, 2014. Two series “What do you see?” and “Purloined” as well as the artwork “Le Major Davel” are being displayed.

The artworks shown in the exhibition are featured in the book “Ghosts” published by Actes Sud which also reprinted recently “Detachment” and “True Stories” and launched her last book, “Voir la mer”. All the publications are available at the bookshop of the gallery.

The exhibition “Last Seen” is organized by The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston through March 3, 2014 ; “Take Care of Yourself” is currently on view at The Stavanger Art Museum, in Norway until January 26, 2014.

The solo show “Rachel, Monique” will be presented in May 2014 at The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest in New York.

Room 1
“What Do You See?”, 2013
On March 18, 1990, six paintings by Rembrandt, Flinck, Manet and Vermeer, five drawings by Degas, one vase, and one Napoleonic eagle were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The frames of the Rembrandt, Vermeer and Flinck paintings were left behind. In 1994, after being restored, the empty frames were hung back in place, further emphasizing the painting’s absence. I asked the curators, guards, other staff members and visitors to tell me what they saw within these frames.

Room 2
“Purloined”, 1994 - 2013
Following thefts involving a Lucian Freud painting and two Turners belonging to the Tate Gallery in London, a Picasso at the Richard Gray Gallery in Chicago, and a Titian from the Marquis of Bath’s residence, Longleat House, I asked the curators, guards, and other staff members of the Museums, gallery or collection, to describe the missing works.

Room 3
“Le Major Davel”, 1994
On the night between August 24 and 25, 1980, the painting by Charles Gleyre, Major Davel, was partly destroyed by fire that ensued from an act of vandalism. All that remained of the canvas was the crying soldier in the bottom right-hand corner. I asked the curators, guards, and other staff members at the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne to describe what they remembered of the missing part of the painting.

Image: “What do you see ? The Concert. Vermeer.”, (detail) 2013. Colour photograph, text, frames (plexiglass and metal frames), 68 x 101 cm / 26 3/4 x 39 3/4 inches (each, photo and text)

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