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Hotel Barcelo Sants, Barcelona

Barcelona Video Art Fair & Festival. The world's first art fair exclusively dedicated to video art. An international meeting for video art dealers, curators, artists and collectors. 43 Contemporary Art Galleries from 10 countries will exhibit the work of 51 artists.

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NOVEMBER 27- 30, 2003

The world's first art fair exclusively dedicated to video art will open next November 27th in Barcelona.

An international meeting for video art dealers, curators, artists and collectors. 43 Contemporary Art Galleries from 10 countries will exhibit the work of 51 artists in the rooms of the Barceló Sants Hotel.

- LOOP'00 is born with the aim of becoming an unavoidable meeting of the contemporary artistic sector.

- LOOP'00 is the first art fair exclusively dedicated to Video Art, the most lively and dynamic branch in the artistic panorama.

- Four days dedicated to Video Art: latest trends and most representative artists of the international scene.

- An international meeting holding debates and conferences to discuss the most relevant and actual issues of this sector.

What is Loop'00?
Loop'00 is the first art fair dedicated exclusively to art in video format, and is a meeting place for all agents of the medium.
Loop'00 is a project of Associació Art Barcelona, which is the first association of contemporary art galleries in Spain formed in 1990. For thirteen years, the association has had the objective to create and promote contemporary art, as well as encourage the birth of artistic vocations, to carry out exchanges and arise interest from the public.
As a result of the reflexion and experience that has been granted to us by the organisation New Art during the last six years, and the importance that video art is acquiring in the international artistic scene, the proposal of the first fair dedicated exclusively to art in video format is an important step.Video art began in the sixties' when Nam June Paik and other artists iniciated the development of this new artistic language, and soon after, museums and galleries began to incorporate video art in its programmes and collections, thus helping the consolidation of this medium.
Loop'00 aims to approximate video art to the wide public, and looks at being a useful tool for artists and professionals of art.
Barcelona, 30 de junio de 2003.
The Association Art Barcelona, the first association formed in Spain for 'the discovery, defense and spreading' of contemporary art, is very happy with the challenge that supposes the organisation of Loop'00.
Loop'00 is the first fair specialised in video art that aims at being a platform for debates, meetings and exhibitions on video art.
As a medium of expression, video is used more and more by artists who normally work in other disciplines, artists who amplify their creations. It is a technique that is inserting itself with regularity in different programmes of exhibitions centres, from galleries to institutions, foundations, shows of art, music festivals, etc.
Video art is beginning to be present as a complement, but Loop'00 has decided to make it its axis: this is why we believe it necessary to find a platform for its promotion.
Loop'00 is a contest that stakes for quality, an aspect that the association has always cared for, in all the projects that for many years have been carried out.
A selection committee has been created, integrated with four big personalities in the world of art and specialists of renown in video art.
Under the direction of the tandem Pere Soldevila and of our friend Bigas Luna and supported by an executive comission, the objectives of Loop'00 have been clearly defined.

Summing the efforts of all, the experience of the executive commission, and new ideas engendered, the project has developped with the desire to convert it into the international and annual appointment for all agents of video art, so as to dialogue and work in union, to rationalise, promote and diffuse this field of creation.
Loop'00 will serve to spread art made in video format, through exhibitions, and an ensemble of parallel shows.
The rapprochement of the spectator has been considered a fundamental aspect, which is why collaborations have been directed with important art critics, curators and institutions, for the realisation of parallel activities such as round tables and cycles of conferences.
This event will give appointment in Barcelona to professionals of diverse provenances. We are starting with Europe, but we plan to be the international reference for video art in the near future.
Loop'00 is an open project which will evolve, as new projects are presented and according to the demands of the sector, without losing sight of the quality of the prioritised objective.

It was 8 years ago when the Associació Art Barcelona devised New Art Barcelona. The Associació had a double objective: dedicate the fair to the newest and most innovative art and at the same time get it closer to a wider public. Both goals have been successfully achieved. Now it is the time to keep on growing. We have undertaken several changes and improvements: we have thought of dedicating the fair to Video Art and rename it LOOP'00. Actually, we want it to become a Video Art meeting where we will all be able to attend different conferences and parallel activities apart from visiting the exhibiting galleries.
With this purpose in mind, it was necessary for us to be open to other perspectives. We needed someone who were not only for our project but also ready to contribute with points of view different form the existing ones in order to be able to offer a captivating project. When we asked Mr Bigas Luna to participate in LOOP'00, he took it as a personal challenge and started working eagerly on it. His collaboration has been crucial in the development of LOOP'00, and has personally curated an exhibition that will explore the relationship between Video Art and Cinema.
Artists' interest in Video Art has enormously increased in the last few years, but so far there were any trading fair devoted exclusively to this art trend. Art Barcelona thought that this was the time. Also a venue like Barcelona was meaningful since it is a city open always to changes and providing support from the very beginning. We want LOOP'00 and Barcelona become an international reference for the Video Art loving people. We want also catch the attention of those who still did not have the opportunity to enter a world full of creativity and clearly good perspectives.
LOOP'00 is intended to be a meeting of the different agents bound to Video Art: artists, galleries, schools, colleges, institutions, museums, art critics, curators...whose involvement has helped to define the content of this fair.

The Festival. OFF LOOP
A circuit of paralel events all around town: 4 Museums and 5 Institutions plus 13 galleries and 4 alternative spaces will be presenting 18 exhibitions, super8 and video projections, featuring 60 artists.
LOPP Channel: the fair's broadcast to bars and restaurants in downtown Barcelona.

Associació Art Barcelona.
Tel +34 93 487 40 42 / Fax. +34 93 487 50 92
Assistant office: Equip Tatjer. C/ Nou de la Rambla, 31 pral.
08001 Barcelona, Spain. Tel +34 93 342 57 50 / Fax. +34 93 342 57 51

Galleries and artists

Anita Beckers
Frankfurt Am Main
Bjorn Melhus Bjorn Melhus / Yves Netzhammer

Almine Rech
Annelies Strbà
Serge Comte

Parker's Box
New York
Tim Laun

New York
Spencer Tunick

Roebling Hall
New York
Patrick Jolley / Reynold Reynolds

Mathilde Rosier

Joan Prats
Juande Jarillo

Andrea Robbins / Max Becher

Pepe Cobo
Juliao Sarmento

Jubal Brown

Carles Taché
Jordi Colomer

Caren Golden
New York
Jonathan Calm

Olaf Stüber
Corinna Schnitt

Salvador Díaz
Gabriel Díaz
El perro

dels Àngels
Sven Pählsson

Horrach Moyá
Palma de Mallorca
Joan Morey

Marisa Marimón
Blanca Pérez Portabella
Vicente Blanco

Pilar Parra
Tim White

Magda Bellotti
Angeles Agrela

Pepe Beas

Carmen Cámara

Pari &Dispari
Reggio Emilia
Dionis Escorsa

Ricardo Iglesias / Gerard Kogler
Bigas Luna

Llucià Homs
Martín Sastre

Joan Pueyo

Jesus Segura

Max Estrella
Eugenio Ampudia

Eva Teppe

Art Line
Pascal Bernier

Bassano del Grappa, (Vicenza)
Urs Luethi

Michael Snow

Anna Malagrida

Ferran Cano
Amparo Sard

Christoph Rütimann

Ellen de Bruijne
L.A Raeven

Vilafranca del Penedès
Pau Rocher

Carles Pujol

Javier Velasco

Marisa González

Houg Lyon
Jeanne Susplugas

Chema Alvargonzález

Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba

· International meeting for Video Art dealers, museum directors, curators, artists and collectors.
· 45 Contemporary Art Galleries will exhibit their proposals in the rooms of the Hotel Barceló Sants.
· 20 Institutions will participate in the collector's program.
Exhibition curated by Bigas Luna
The film director Bigas Luna proposes with this exhibition the analysis of the relationship between Video Art and Cinema through the works by film directors like Peter Greenaway and Mike Figgis.

Proposal by the independent agency LaAgencia.

Professional Forum
Organized by the Caixaforum Mediateca

Organized by Amics dels Museus de Catalunya (Catalan Friends of the Museums)

One or more exhibited pieces will be acquired and later given to the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) by the Associació Art Barcelona for a total amount of 6,000¤. The jury will award at friday 28th november.
Circuit of video projections around the city of Barcelona in museums, galleries, bars, discos, restaurants, stores, public spaces, etc.

Channel LOOP
A television program on LOOP'00 and OFF LOOP'00 will be shown in downtown bars.

Late night Video Art show.
LOOP Retrospective
Artists' groups and cultural associations of Barcelona will present their selection of works by a single artist.

Curators of festivals and events from different countries will be invited to present specific programs including a panorama of their own country.
Proposals by galleries, cultural associations, groups of artists, museums and institutions.

For further information:
Equip Tatjer
C/ Nou de la Rambla 31, Pral.
08001 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 342 57 50 / Fax. +34 93 342 57 51

Place: Barceló Hotel Sants
Pl. Països Catalans, s/n
Estación de Sants (Barcelona)
Inaguration: thursday november 27th (20 h.)
Fair dates: November 28, 29 & 30, 2003
Visitors timetable: from 12 h. to 21 h.
Ticket price: 10¤. 50% discounts to students and jubilee are available.

dal 26/11/2003 al 30/11/2003

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