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Willi Baumeister
dal 18/10/2013 al 1/3/2014
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Willi Baumeister

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Willi Baumeister

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart

The large retrospective, with around 200 works, including loans from worldwide renowned museums and private collections

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Stuttgart native Willi Baumeister (1889-1955) is of the most important artists in post-war Germany. Not only was he instrumental in the development of art in the young state, but as part of the avant-garde he also had a major influence on the advancement of abstract painting in Europe. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart holds the most comprehensive collection of this works in the world and houses the Baumeister Archive. In the large retrospective Baumeister is presented as an artist of international standing. The large retrospective in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, with around 200 works, including loans from worldwide renowned museums and private collections, is the first to be devoted to Willi Baumeister's international relationships with artists, gallerists, and collectors. Works from his own art collection, including pieces by Josef Albers, Hans Arp, Julius Bissier, Georges Braque, Carlo Carra' Marc Chagall, Albert Gleizes, Roberta Gonzales, Camille Graeser, Hans Hartung, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Franz Krause, Le Corbusier, Fernand Leger, El Lissitzky, August Macke, Kasimir Malewitsch, Otto Meyer-Amden, Joan Miro', Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Amedee Ozenfant, Pablo Picasso, Oskar Schlemmer, Kurt Schwitters, Michel Seuphor, Gino Severini, Alexej von Jawlensky und Zao Wou-Ki, assembled through friendships with other artists are, for the first time shown in public in the exhibition.

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