Galleria Lombardi
via Urbana, 8/A
06 89020603 FAX
Azamat Kuliev
dal 17/1/2014 al 23/1/2014
mar - sab 10.30-13 e 16.30-19.30

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Giorgio Bertozzi

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Azamat Kuliev

Galleria Lombardi, Roma

Mostra a cura di Giorgio Bertozzi e Ferdan Yusufi

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Mostra a cura di Giorgio Bertozzi e Ferdan Yusufi. "Azamat Kuliev, who has been grown with a sensitivity of art coming from the family and has been painting from childhood, includes the signs and iconography of the periods like Renaissance, Baroque and the custom of Russian Academy which he has studied. The academic custom, he is connected, follows the signs of Renaissance on the one hand, on the other hand the topics he deals with include the reflections of vanities and the customs of Giorgione, Caravaggio and Velasquez".

Calusca - Alessandro Finocchiaro
dal 11/6/2015 al 26/6/2015

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