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Heli Rekula
dal 17/1/2014 al 1/3/2014
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Heli Rekula

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Heli Rekula

Oslo Kunstforening - Fine Art Society, Oslo

In Hemingway's Garden. Photographs, vintage press images and other archival material

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In Hemingway's Garden consists of photographs, vintage press photographs and other archival material. The starting point for the new body of works is a landscape, the garden of the author Ernest Hemingway's (1899-1961) home in Key West Florida. The place and the stories associated with it and the personal memories they evoked made Rekula return to the garden again and again. In addition to raising issues around loss, absence and the value of failure, the exhibition discusses photography's formal role in contemporary culture through the presentation of classic clear-cut art photography set against a documentary material. The artist book In Hemingway's Garden will be published during the spring.

Heli Rekula
dal 17/1/2014 al 1/3/2014

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