Museo Amparo
Ciudad de Puebla
2 Sur 708, Centro Historico
+52 222 2293850
Regina Silveira
dal 31/1/2014 al 25/5/2014
Wednesday - Monday 10am-6pm

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Regina Silveira

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Regina Silveira

Museo Amparo, Ciudad de Puebla

The dream of Mirra and other constellations. A site-specific intervention, a constellation of 12 scale models and six videos

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El sueno de Mirra y otras constelaciones (The dream of Mirra and other constellations). Brazilian artist Regina Silveira presents a site-specific intervention for the crystal cube of the lobby of Museo Amparo, where through visual metaphor she transforms and resignifies this space. Using animal designs taken from popular imagery of Puebla and worked on a grand scale on adhesive vinyl enlarged to the point of almost reaching abstraction, the artist recreates a monumental embroidery on cross-stitch integrated into the walls of the Museum. Added to this giant embroidery are needles and threads meant to reflect a work in progress. Silveira also presents in three galleries of the Museum a constellation of 12 scale models and six videos of her projects in various parts of the world. The work Mundus Admirabilis is also presented.

William Kentridge
dal 3/7/2015 al 4/10/2015

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