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Grazyna Kulczyk Collection

Banco Santander Foundation, Madrid

Everybody is Nobody for Somebody. Selected works from one of the most important contemporary art collections in Poland today. A fascinating dialogues emerge between the creations of leading artists active in Poland between 1945 and 1989 and pieces by renowned international artists.

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Curator Timothy Persons

Artists: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Roman Opalka, Zofia Kulik, Alina Szapoczikow, Wojciech Fangor, Zbigniew Libera, Katarzyna Kozyra, Eliasson Olafur, Donald Judd, Jeny Holzer, Sam Francis, VALIE EXPORT, Bettina Rheims, Antoni Tàpies...

Here at Fundación Banco Santander we are proud to host the first public showing in Spain of the Grażyna Kulczyk Collection, one of the most important contemporary art collections in Poland today. Under the evocative title Everybody Is Nobody for Somebody, selected works from this collection will be on display at Grupo Santander City’s exhibition rooms in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, from February to June 2014.

This event is further proof of our commitment to a special exhibition project whose mission is to publicise international contemporary art by presenting pieces from major private collections, an initiative we launched in 2010 with the Daros Latinamerica Collection from Zurich and continued with the Collezione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo from Turin (2011), the Rubell Family Collection from Miami (2012) and the Cranford Collection from London (2013).

On this occasion, it is our privilege to introduce the Spanish audience to a splendid collection that will offer a closer look at the art produced in Poland while strengthening our ties to that country, where we had the fortunate opportunity to exhibit part of the Banco Santander Collection at the National Museum in Wrocław last spring.

We are deeply honoured that Grażyna Kulczyk has chosen our venue to host an exhibition of works from her collection in which fascinating dialogues emerge between the creations of leading artists active in Poland between 1945 and 1989—years when the country was governed by a communist regime—and pieces by renowned international artists.

The exhibition is divided into three major sections: abstract and conceptual art, women in the visual arts, and works that tie in with the concepts of collective memory and history. With this structure, the show’s curator has attempted to capture Grażyna Kulczyk’s unique personality as a collector and to show why she is regarded as one of the most important actors in the Polish arts scene.

At Fundación Banco Santander we are also keenly aware of the importance of art education in our society. Consequently we have designed an educational programme in connection with this show that includes workshop-tours for families, dynamic guided tours for schools, and visits for groups with cognitive diversity.

I would like to offer a special word of thanks to Timothy Persons for his dedication and curatorial effort, and to Justyna Buśko, coordinator of the Art Stations Foundation team, for all her support. On behalf of the entire team at Fundación Banco Santander, I would also like to acknowledge our tremendous debt of gratitude to Grażyna Kulczyk for her generosity in letting us share the very best of her collection with the audiences who visit Santander’s exhibition rooms.

Antonio Escámez Torres, Chairman

Image: Bettina Rheims, [Piéta (z serii inri)] 1997, colour photograph, 154 x 125 cm

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