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Call For Papers
dal 4/3/2014 al 31/3/2014
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Call For Papers

Bergamot Station Art Center SMMoA, Santa Monica

Three Italian artists (Italo Bressan, Franco Marrocco, Alessandro Savelli) are engaged with the noble and yet simple media. Their individual use of color adds to their personal diary in which paper is the main protagonist of expression.

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Building Bridges Art Foundation (BBAF), Bice Bugatti Club and The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) of Los Angeles are pleased to present Call for Papers, an exhibit by three Italian artists engaged with this simple yet noble media. Their individual use of color adds to their personal diary in which paper is the main protagonist of expression. Formed at the prestigious Brera Art Academy of M ilan, where they are now faculty, Italo Bressan, Franco Marrocco and Alessandro Savelli, have been the artistic reference point of M ilan for more than 20 years.
Anna Dusi, Curator

Since the late 70's and after the international success of the Transavanguard, several generations of Italian artists have effectively practiced a return to painting. Particularly significant was the generation who rediscovered and practiced with perseverance original forms of abstraction. For these artists who nowadays are more than 50 years old color marked and marks the "movement" of the poetic framework.
Giovanni Iovane, Curator

The IIC was established in Los Angeles in 1984 by the Italian M inistry of Foreign Affairs to promote Italian culture. Its building, in Westwood, houses an art gallery, a theater for screenings, lectures, and concerts, as well as a video and book library. Many events are also organized in collaboration with numerous cultural institutions and we are very pleased to partner with Building Bridges Art
Foundation and the Bice Bugatti Club for this special initiative. In this collective exhibit Italian contemporary art is represented by three artists of the same generation, using the same simple yet very expressive medium, and all trusting the evocative power of color.
Massimo Sarti, IIC Los Angeles Acting Director

The Bice Bugatti Club continues to consolidate its international exchange of events and collaborations with art organizations in different parts of the world and in particular through the network created in the last two years with Building Bridges Art Foundation. On this occasion, we are honored to be invited by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles for an exhibition that hosts three of the most significant artists of a generation of painting that expresses and gives space to poetry and color. The exhibition "Call for Papers " presents three artists and three series of works on paper specially designed for the show.
Luigi Rossi, Bice Bugatti Club President

Italo Bressan, born in Vezzano (T N) in 1950, attended the Brera Art Academy where he is a professor of painting since 1982. Since 1979 he has exhibited in M ilan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Basel, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
Franco Marrocco, born in Caserta in 1958, attended the Brera Art Academy where he currently serves as Director and Professor of painting. He recently become coordonator of all the art academies in Italy He has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey, and he participated in the 54th Biennale of Venice (2011).

Alessandro Savelli was born in Milan in 1955. He graduated from the Brera Art Academy in 1973 and got a degree architecture from the Milan Polytechnic in 1979. He is currently the Director of the Free Academy Viviani in Nova Milanese. He has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Mexico, USA, and Switzerland.

Opening Wednesday March 5th 2014, at 18

Bergamot Station Art Center SMMoA
2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday 10 - 18 and Saturday 11 - 17.30

Franco Marrocco
dal 7/3/2014 al 6/4/2014

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