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Collection Wemhoner

Osram Hoefe, Berlin

Temporary presentation of significant pieces of Heiner Wemhoner's art collection. The exhibition is the next step to go public and to create dialogues between works that have not yet met each other before in reality. Photography, painting, sculpture and video art from Marina Abramovic to Alfredo Jaar, Isaac Julien, Bettina Pousttchi...

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With works by:
Marina Abramovic, Darren Almond, Roger Ballen, Hai Bo, Gauillaume Bruère, Julian Charrière, Tony Cragg, Yang Fudong, Asta Gröting, Gonkar Gyatso, Alfredo Jaar, Hu Jieming, Shi Jing, Isaac Julien, Massimo Kaufmann, Josef Kosuth, André Masson, Yue Minjun, Andreas Mühe, Michael Najjar, Helmut Newton, Hans op de Beeck, Bettina Pousttchi, Alexandra Ranner, Nicolai Rapp, Erik Schmidt, Norbert Schwontkowski, Richard Serra, Alexandre Singh, Andrea Stappert, Marianna Uutinen, Erik van Lieshout, Erwin Wurm, Chen Xiaoyun, Yin Xiuzhen, Tobias Zielony.

A new highlight in Berlin is the temporary presentation of significant pieces of Heiner Wemhöner’s art collection at the Osram-Höfe. Set in the former Max Hetzler Gallery, approximately one-tenth of the Wemhöner Collection will be on display with over 30 international artistic positions. The works span a broad spectrum from Anthony Gormley’s minimalist sculpture to Michael Najjar’s explosive space-bound work. Therefore, the collection is as much a reflection of contemporary art over the past 30 years as it is an organically grown reflection of the collector’s own biography and his various interests.

The collection is also considered as a tool to support artist’s projects on a long run and to reinforce visions which touches essential investigations of mankind.

The continuously expanding collection comprises media such as photography, painting, sculpture and video art. Based in Herford, Heiner Wemhöner began collecting art at the end of the 1990s. Since then, it has been one of his main intentions to enable the public to connect with art and to stimulate a stronger involvement and passion with different kind of artistic approach. The Wemhöner Foundation has is very strong focus on an active dialogue between artists, visitors, collectors, institutions and publishing houses. The melange of strong support of public art in the region of Nordrhein Westfalen, projects of the museum Martha in Herford and a serious of publications detailing with highlights of the collection from specific perspectives: FOCUS ASIA (2011), IN-SIGHT (2012) – dedicated to photography - and AUFGESTELLT – on sculpture - (2013) can be seen as the progressive vein of sharing and showing.

The exhibition in Berlin is the next step to go public and to create dialogues between works that have not yet met each other before in reality. Thus, the personal point of view of the collector meets with versatile public view.

A documentation with installation shots of the show and with an introduction by Roland Nachtigäller, director of the Marta Herford Museum, will accompany the exhibition.

Image: Erwin Wurm, Putin, 2013, Acryl, Farbig gefasst, 32 x 13 x 14 cm 2

Press Contact:
Artpress – Ute Weingarten Elisabethkirchstr. 15 10115 Berlin +49 30 48496350

Opening Saturday 22.03.2014 | 6 PM

Osram Höfe
Oudenarder Str. 16-20, Haus A, Aufgang 9, 3. Etage, 13347 Berlin

Collection Wemhoner
dal 21/3/2014 al 17/5/2014

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