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Monica Ursina Jaeger
dal 1/5/2014 al 31/5/2014
fri-sun 12pm-6pm

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Monica Ursina Jaeger

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Monica Ursina Jaeger

Coleman Projects, London

Translocation. The London/Zurich-based artist uses a variety of media to explore our engagement with both natural and constructed environments.

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Coleman Project Space is pleased to present our annual residency for 2014, Swiss artist Monica Ursina Jaeger.

The London/Zürich-based artist uses a variety of media to explore our engagement with both natural and constructed environments: as real social sites and culturally embedded notions of public and private space. Jaeger makes drawings, sculptures and installation works through which she acknowledges the multifaceted nature of the spatial experience and the rich history of its representation. Her cognitive-map-like use of imagery, alongside linear Modernist-style structures, gives one a sense of both everyday and fantastical moments of overlap between the many signifiers by which we ‘read’ physical environments and recall our experiences of them.

Taking 1960s architectural drawings of utopian schemes as her starting point, Jaeger plans to create a site-specific body of work – also comprising collages, structures, architectural models – that will serve to challenge common perceptions of both real and fictional space. As a hybrid object of component parts the work will suggest a moment of collision between the dimensions of the gallery space itself and those implied via the different media and materials used.

Monica Ursina Jaeger born Switzerland lives and works in London and Zurich. Graduated from Goldsmiths College with MA Fine Art 2008. She is represented by Gallery Rupert Pfab,Dusseldorf and Christinger de Mayo Zurich and has exhibited widely throughout Europe and abroad.
Recent exhibitions include ,Para/Site, Christinger de Mayo, Displace, Galerie Rupert Pfab, Dusseldorf, Terrain Vague, JungeKunst.V Wolfburg, Superstructure, Arroniz Arte Contemporaneo Mexico DF

Preview: Friday 2nd May from 6pm

SLAM: Friday 30th May 6.30-9pm South London Art Map

Coleman Project Space
94 Webster Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 4DF
Fri. Sat. Sun. 12 – 6pm & by appt.

Monica Ursina Jaeger
dal 1/5/2014 al 31/5/2014

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