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Art Space Portsmouth (ex Aspex Gallery), Portsmouth

An open submission group exhibition, selected from some 350 submissions. The exhibition seeks to highlight the work of emerging and establishing visual artists. One prize-winner will be offered a solo exhibition at Aspex.

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David Blandy, Jake Clark, Susan Collis, Thomas Cox-Bisham, Sarah Hardy, Juneau Projects, Simon Morse, Daniel James Newnham, Marcelle Price, Ian Skoyles

EMERGENCY is an open submission group exhibition, selected from some 350 submissions, by Nick Baker, Director of fa projects in London, Helen Maurer, artist & winner of the 2003 Jerwood Applied Arts Prize, Sarah Shalgosky, Director of Mead Gallery at Warwick University and Joanne Bushnell, Director of Aspex Gallery. The exhibition seeks to highlight the work of emerging and establishing visual artists. One prize-winner will be offered a solo exhibition at Aspex.

Information about the work on display

'Everyone knows Attila on the streets of Fulham where we met', says photographer Marcelle Price. Since that first meeting, Price has developed a series of portraits of the ex-stuntman and film extra, who moved to London from his native Turkey in the mid 70's. Aged 68, his home is adorned with photographs and theatrical backdrops. His persona is as flamboyant as his wardrobe and is based on cinematic role models such as Errol Flynn and John Wayne.

It is the game-show-host and compere-come-celebrity Bruce Forsyth who is central to 'The Bruce Forsyth Exam Papers' by artist, Simon Morse. A set of five faux-exam papers, including 'Maths 'B' (Play Your Cards Right)' ape established, curriculum-based learning techniques by introducing the influence of popular television culture. 'How a Painting Is Made', defines through an extravagant, wall-based diagram, not only the established creative process of the conception of a painting, but various external socio-political influences.

Through his video works David Blandy attempts to assert his own cultural identity by exploring the cultural influence of television, film and popular music. Blandy mouths passages from Mike Leigh's 'Secrets and Lies', is taught about art by the late Bruce Lee and mimes to Syl Johnson's 'Is It Because I'm Black' to leave us to wonder if, indeed, he has an identity of his own. Also referencing the cultural impact of popular music, Juneau Projects' film 'Born in 82', features a first edition Sex Pistols - 'Never Mind the B*ll*cks' LP, as it is set fire to while playing. Other scenarios include paper, amplified as it is shredded and a marksman, originally employed to control the population of deer in the Grizedale forest, employed, in this case, to take aim and fire at a video camera.

Jake Clark's landscape and scenic paintings often begin as collaged photographs and picture postcards. The resulting oil paintings are intense, fragmented and abstracted reflections of suburban architecture and lifestyle. Ian Skoyles employs a variation on the theme of collage and assemblage to create 'unreal' landscapes. Jigsaw puzzles that feature typically British and European scenes of historic castles and cathedrals and country villages with thatch-roofed houses are combined to juxtapose, almost seamlessly, previously unrelated architecture and cultures.

Susan Collis works directly with the fixtures and fittings of the spaces in which she exhibits, subtly subverting the objects that she embellishes. Almost hidden from view, her interventions take the form of an old, apparently, paint splattered wooden stool that, upon closer inspection, is revealed to have been inlaid with semi-precious stones. At Aspex, she has distressed the large white installation doors with coloured adhesive plastics that imitate the scratches, marks and chipped paint of constant use. Sarah Hardy also appropriates the objects around her in her work. In her 'Messages' series, the spines of library books are ordered to expose hidden messages in the 'Dewey' classification labels.

'Disco Box' is one of two works exhibited by Thomas Cox-Bisham. What, at first, appears to be a redundant cardboard box, upon closer inspection, houses an illuminated, flashing disco floor. 'Police Bike' homogenises the instantly recognisable chequered livery of police vehicles, colloquially known as 'Battenberg', to create an abstracted yet equally instantly recognisable life-size sculpture. Daniel James Newnham edits a series of five newspaper pages through processes of cutting, pasting, drawing and stencilling to expose new meanings and a recognisable, though subverted aesthetic.

Preview Friday 23 January, 7-9pm


Events January - March 2004

Friday 23 January, 2pm - 5pm
Exposed: What are the roles of public and commercial galleries, opens and prizes, in the development of the artist's career?

Exhibition selectors, Helen Maurer, Sarah Shalgosky and Joanne Bushnell and Andrew Wheatley, Director, Cabinet Gallery, London

Les Buckingham

£5 entrance fee includes buffet reception from 5pm-7pm followed by the opening of EMERGENCY and announcement of winner. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

For further information about ARC: Aspex Artists' Resource Centre, please contact the gallery

Thursday 5 February, 7.30pm
Gallery Talk
Steve Fisher, Exhibitions & Marketing Co-ordinator and organiser of EMERGENCY, will talk about the exhibition from the selection process to the work on display.
Admission FREE

Sunday 22 February, 10am - 4pm
Source Magazine: Publication Opportunity
Source Magazine for photography in the UK and Ireland is interested in meeting photographers and artists with previously unpublished work to be considered for inclusion in the publication. For further information, please email with a two-paragraph description of your work and if possible, three 72 dpi jpegs. Alternatively John Duncan can be contacted on 02890 329691. It is essential to have a good knowledge of the magazine and it's content prior to booking.

Thursday 4 March, 7.30pm
Gallery Talk in association with Gallery Go
One of the short-listed artists will be invited to talk about their work and the exhibition.
Admission FREE

31 January - 13 March, 1 - 3pm
Saturday Art Club
Taking the wide variety of works on display in EMERGENCY as their starting point, children aged 8-12 will work with artist Kate Groombridge to create their own artworks.
£3.50 (£2.50 concessions).
Limited FREE places are available to Portsmouth City Council LEISURE CARD holders.

Aspex Gallery is open Tuesday - Friday, 12-6pm & Saturday, 12-4pm
Arrangements can be made for educational, group and ARC: Aspex Artists' Resource Centre visits on Mondays.
Admission is FREE

For further information or images please contact Steve Fisher, Exhibitions & Marketing Co-ordinator on 023 9281 2121 or email

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