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Two exhibitions
dal 12/6/2014 al 23/8/2014
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Two exhibitions

Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn

Peter Mertes Winery and the Bonner Kunstverein have selected the graduates of the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf: Anne Pohlmann and the artist duo Henning Fehr & Philipp Ruhr. The exhibition 'Intelligent Life' shows a comprehensive overview with rarely seen archive material, photography, scores, and sound recordings from Maryanne Amacher: a project of the festival bonn hoeren 2014.

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In the 29th year since the founding of the grant by the Peter Mertes Winery and the Bonner Kunstverein (2013), a jury comprising Regina Barunke, Fanny Gonella, Rita McBride and Christina Végh have selected the graduates of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf ANNE PÖHLMANN and the artist duo HENNING FEHR & PHILIPP RÜHR. The artist duo HENNING FEHR and PHILIPP RÜHR realise films in which fiction as a construct of reality and reality in the form of documentary images are interwoven.

Both artists studied photography under Christopher Williams. Over and above the medium of film/video, their exhibitions, which can also encompass books, prints or sculptural displays, make up worlds of their own that are characterised by subliminal humour, parodistic interludes and associative comparisons. The artists are presenting their most recent work in the exhibition at the Bonner Kunstverein: In Keine Kontrolle, the political systems of East and West found in the landscape and architecture on the Russian and American sides of the Bering Strait are entered in a dialogue with each other.

In her work as a photographer, ANNE PÖHLMANN is interested in the development, impact and context of photography. Her seemingly objective, reduced works pose questions concerning the medium’s functions. For the most part we now perceive photographic images as they are conveyed digitally on computer monitors or Smartphones. The placelessess of the photographic image, which can be seen in the fact that a photo can simultaneously make slightly varied impressions when mounted on different supports, forms the starting point of comprehending the exhibition space as the true site of her pictures’ layout. PÖHLMANN presents a series of photographs of textiles in her exhibition which are printed on fabric. The illustrated texture is used for its qualities (colour and structure) and as an abstract means in order to create a pictorial space. The pictures are processed in such a way that their relationships to reality subtly become fictional, thus confronting us with the boundary of digital photography to reality and our way of seeing.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication (StrzeleckiBooks, Cologne)



The exhibition presents the work of American composer and artist Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009), who counts amongst the most influential personalities in contemporary music. Amacher studied in the 1960s with Karlheinz Stockhausen and, in the 1970s and 1980s, she worked together with John Cage and Merce Cunningham and was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. Early on, she experimented with relationships between sound and space, and explored the physiological conditions of hearing. Despite her significant production and her substantial influence on a younger generation of artists, not least due to her long-term educational activities, she is a kind of "artists’ artist" and is in the European context still known by a mostly specialized public.

The exhibition Intelligent Life shows, for the first time, a comprehensive overview with rarely seen archive material, photography, scores, and sound recordings from the artist. The presentation will focus on two comprehensive groups of works: the series City Links (1967-1988) and Intelligent Life, which Maryanne Amacher had been intensively developing since the 1980s, both experimenting with the possibilities of new technologies. The exhibition follows the interdisciplinary and research-based practice of the artist and explores Maryanne Amacher's influence on both the practice of contemporary art and music.

A project of the festival bonn hoeren 2014 from the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture Bonn in collaboration with the Bonner Kunstverein and the Berlin Artist Program of the DAAD, curated by Axel Wieder in collaboration with Bill Dietz, Micah Silver, and Robert The (Maryanne Amacher Archive, Kingston, NY). The exhibition Intelligent Life was first presented in 2012 at the daadgalerie in Berlin.

Image: ANNE PÖHLMANN, RED_0185_crop, from the series Samples (2013); Courtesy the artist and Clages, Köln

Friday, 13. June, 7 pm Opening

Hochstadenring 22 - D-53119 Bonn

Two Exhibitions
dal 4/6/2015 al 8/8/2015

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