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Jason Loebs
dal 22/5/2014 al 6/6/2014

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Jason Loebs

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Jason Loebs

Campoli Presti, Paris

A Moveable Feast - Part IX. Loebs presents a large canvas produced with graphite based thermal grease, a substance used to promote better heat conduction between surfaces.

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Campoli Presti is pleased to announce the ninth iteration of the ongoing exhibition A Moveable Feast with a display of works by Jason Loebs.

The exhibition extends Loebs’ research around the principles of thermodynamics as a reading of cultural production and the ways in which natural resources are accumulated and distributed to become instruments of social control and value production. For his recent exhibition in Kunsthalle Freiburg, he has put into relation various heating systems, thermographic imaging, and natural stones.

For his exhibition at Campoli Presti, Loebs presents a large canvas produced with graphite based thermal grease, a substance used to promote better heat conduction between surfaces. The work refers to industrial experiments of thermodynamic science, registering temperature while in circulation. Conceived as an entropic system, its material never solidifies and the unfinished work continues to build upon itself with the heat provided by the flow of passing viewers.

Loebs’ photographs are taken with a thermal camera used for military surveillance. Focusing on the thermal energy generated by electronic equipment, they index an invisible atmospheric gradient of heat that is dispersed into the general atmosphere undetected. The images document an invisible but shared public ambient sphere that has been increasingly privatized and used for security and surveillance purposes.

Samples of several minerals extracted in Valais, Switzerland are covered with anti-counterfeit ink, which under natural light changes colour, varying according to the angle of the human eye. As in his previous series of fingerprint-covered computer batteries Anthropomemoria, 2013 Loebs draws a relation between the ink mark and the value-producing signature of the artist in devices of cumulative energy.

Jason Loebs lives and works in New York. He attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2011 and received an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Loebs' work is currently included in the exhibition, Nature After Nature at the Fridericianum, Kassel curated by Susanne Pfeffer. He recently had a solo exhibition, Title Stack Sink Release at the Kunsthalle Freiburg in Switzerland with an accompanying catalogue. Recent solo exhibitions took place at Essex St., New York (2014); Campoli Presti, London (2013); Green Tea Gallery, Tokyo (2012); and Audio Visual Arts, New York (2009). Past group exhibitions were held at the Swiss Institute, New York (2013); Carriage Trade, New York (2013); Massimo De Carlo, Milan (2012); and Bortolami Gallery, New York (2011).

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