Diverse Sedi
Stromboli (ME)

Volcano Extravaganza
dal 20/7/2014 al 29/7/2014
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Volcano Extravaganza

Diverse Sedi, Stromboli (ME)

Forget Amnesia: quarta edizione del progetto di Fiorucci Art Trust. In programma 10 giorni di eventi e mostre con artisti, DJ e musicisti che partecipano in assolo o a progetti collaborativi sparsi in tutta l'isola.

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Artisti: Anal House Meltdown, Ed Atkins, Django Django, Shiva Feshareki, Factory Floor, Christos Hadjichristou, Lia Haraki, Celia Hempton, Hassan Khan, James Lavelle, Haroon Mirza, Perc, Prem Sahib, Richard Sides.

Curated by Milovan Farronato with Lucy McKenzie.

From 21 until 30 July 2014, the Sicilian island of Stromboli will host the fourth edition of Volcano Extravaganza, the yearly festival of contemporary art presented by the Fiorucci Art Trust.

The title of this year’s programme is inspired by the pioneering club of a different Mediterranean island: ‘Amnesia’, opened in Ibiza back in 1976. Originally called ‘The Workshop of Forgetfulness’, the club was founded by a man who had moved to Ibiza to start a whole new life. Forget Amnesia looks to that very kind of ‘forgetfulness’, typical of small islands as well as clubs, as an inspiration to abandon one’s routines and access another world.

With its hourly eruptions, Stromboli’s volcano will share the floor with a ten-day programme of events and performances by artists, DJs and musicians participating in solo as well as collaborative presentations all over the island. The regular seismic waves with frequencies under 20 Hz are similar to those produced by special subwoofer speakers used in nightclubs. Indeed, Forget Amnesia will capitalise on such natural forces by also activating other, less natural, speakers: for the first time this year Volcano Extravaganza will turn up the volume at Mega and Tartana, the best (and only) clubs in Stromboli.

Fiorucci Art Trust’s venues, La Lunatica and House of Extravaganza, will re-open theirs doors and terraces every day with exhibitions, workshops, screenings, white noise on black sand and black noise on white walls. Forget Amnesia’s participants will take turn each evening to play a live set, which will be recorded and made available online by our friends at NTS radio (ntslive.co.uk) together with the broadcast of performances and interviews directly from Stromboli.

A series of postcards by Riccardo Banfi, Adam Christensen and Giovanna Silva will be our voice, together with the beloved correspondents, including friends and gallerists from Bangladesh, Italy, Brazil and Turkey, who will bridge any gaps between Stromboli and Ibiza with the hashtag #forgetamnesia.

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Volcano Extravaganza
dal 16/7/2015 al 26/7/2015

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