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Otwock season 4
dal 24/10/2014 al 25/10/2014
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Otwock season 4

National Museum, Warsaw

Duties and Pleasures. A project revolving around the relationship between art and site. The starting point for this year's iteration was the group of 25,000 objects kept in Otwock Wielki.

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Curator: Kasia Redzisz
Collaboration: Emma Knaflewska, Zuzanna Rutkowska

The fourth season of our programme was devoted to the group of twenty five thousand unique objects kept in Otwock Wielki. Rarely presented to the public, these items form the collection of the Centre of Modern Design of the National Museum in Warsaw, and are now stored in a warehouse arranged in the former stables of the baroque palace of the Beliński family. The extraordinary collection includes objects manufactured by the “Ład” Artists’ Cooperative, items from the showroom of the Institute of Industrial Design, works of Antoni Kenar and his students from the School of Timber Industry in Zakopane, or artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Władysław Hasior, Tadeusz Kantor, Henryk Albin Tomaszewski and Władysław Strzemiński; the furniture collection includes pieces designed by, among others, Maria Chomentowska, Teresa Kruszewska, Jan Kurzątkowski, as well as works of many other Polish designers. Thanks to the National Museum in Warsaw and its team, the artists we have invited, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Katharina Marszewski and Błażej Pindor were be able to spend time in the storage inaccessible to the broad public. It has been made available to them as a place of work and source of inspiration.

The resulting works and concepts will be presented during the public programme Duties and Pleasures held on the occasion of this year’s edition. Roger Cook, artist, lecturer and writer, will talk about the artistic practice of Marc Camille Chaimowicz in the context of his stay in Otwock. Anna Frąckiewicz, curator of the Centre of Modern Design of the National Museum in Warsaw will speak about the collection, its history and the objects contained there, and Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka, art historian specialising in design, will present some of the furniture displayed at the Beliński palace on the occasion of the event. The presentations will be accompanied by a film programme focusing on design, applied arts, as well as the role and status of everyday objects that surround us.

On the way to Otwock we plan to stop by Otwock Mały, where Mirosław Bałka will present his project titled INIMALISM.


National Museum in Warsaw:
10:45 Introduction
11:00 Beauty on a Daily Basis and for Everyone.

Anna Frąckiewicz, curator at the Modern Design Centre, National Museum in Warsaw, will focus on the figure of Wanda Telakowska, the founder of the Institute of Industrial Design. What were the circumstances in which she amassed a group of design items that became the cornerstone of the collection of the National Museum? How, considering the complex post-war situation, did this graphic artist exert such an influence on the development of the Polish design? Did she manage to succeed in achieving any of her goals? The presentation will provide an overview of the collection of the Modern Design Centre at the National Museum in Warsaw and its history.

Film Programme: Paul Bush, Bruce Checefsky, Richard Hamilton, Mark Leckey, Grace Ndiritu, Elizabeth Price, Alain Resnais and films of Polish Film Chronicle
12:45 Trip to the Museum of Interiors in Otwock Wielki (2 coaches leaving from the National Museum in Warsaw, limited seats)

On the way to Otwock Wielki, the coaches will stop in Otwock Mały for a presentation of Mirosław Bałka’s project INIMALISM delivered by the artist.

Otwock Wielki:
14:00 Premiere of a soliloquy Ko-Realia by Katharina Marszewski (square in front of the Modern Design Centre storage hall)
Walk to the Museum of Interiors in Otwock Wielki

14:30 Mind What You Sit On
Krystyna Łuczak – Surówka, art historian specialising in design will discuss a number of selected chairs in the collection of the Modern Design Centre – presenting them not only as a functional piece furniture, source of comfort, sign of prestige, or work of art, but also, most notably, an object that remains closest to people of all design items. In no other furniture the social, cultural, and political aspects converge so strongly as in the chair – it testifies to the Polish proverb ‘what you see depends on where you sit’.

15:00 Marc Camille Chaimowicz. A Personal Grammar of Means. Ornament is not a Crime

The artist, art historian, author and lecturer Roger Cook about his presentation: "Marc Camille Chaimowicz breaks down the hierarchies between 'fine' and 'decorative’ notoriously expressed in Adolf Loos association of “ornament and crime". In a brief survey I will discuss his work which flows, folds and flies with pleasure and desire across so many territories: performance, text, painting, collage, drawing, photography, textile, carpet and theatre design, furniture and pottery. In 2011, he presented an exhibition entitled Appartement... Note, the ellipsis, the three suspension points, the figure of syntax by which words are left out or implied. For Chaimowicz the world has always been elliptical: sense destabilizing sense: sense sensing itself making sense (sense making a new sense or nuisance of itself); a world of implications, paradoxical plis, folds between self and other, intimacy and exteriority, between secret interior worlds and the shared exhibitionism and exposure of public display."

The return trip to Warsaw is scheduled for 4.30 pm. The route of the coaches will lead through Rondo Waszyngtona and end near the Museum of Modern Art.

Nothing About That. Fictional narratives
Season 3: Nothing About That. Fictional narratives

Muzeum Ziemi Otwockiej
ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 2, Otwock
26 October 2013, 7.30 p.m.

Nothing About That. Fictional Narratives is an event summarising the third season of the “Otwock” project. Its first two editions of 2011 and 2012 were suspended between the public and private spheres. The works created drew on references to the studio, as well as to the urban tissue of Otwock, its history and present shape. The subjects touched by the artists have set a basis for further endeavours. Season 3 focuses on the town’s relations with literature.

Cinema Hall
The National Museum in Warsaw
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Museum of Interiors at Otwock Wielki
Otwock Wielki ul. Zamkowa 49 Warsaw

Otwock season 4
dal 24/10/2014 al 25/10/2014

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