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The Collection Part 3
dal 6/11/2014 al 30/12/2014

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The Collection Part 3

Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Expansion of the Combat Zone. 1968-2000. The new collection display now highlights these conflicts and tensions in its selection of brilliant, often high-profile artworks.

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The Neue Nationalgalerie’s latest selection of works is going on show under the title ‘Ausweitung der Kampfzone’ (Expansion of the Combat Zone), covering the gallery’s most significant pieces from 1968 to 2000. Over the last few years a series of exhibitions has showcased the museum’s extensive collection. First came ‘Moderne Zeiten’, providing an overview of art from 1900-1945. This was followed by ‘Der geteilte Himmel’ looking at the post-war era. Now artists like Joseph Beuys, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst are going on display at the gallery on Potsdamer Strasse for the third and final part of its series.
Though it’s a broad, ambitious undertaking, what has emerged is a thoughtfully curated selection of some of Europe’s most significant contemporary art.

‘Ausweitung der Kampfzone’ takes its name from Michel Houellebecq’s 1994 novel ‘Extension du domaine de lutte’, the story of a man left depressed and lonely in an increasingly commodified world. It’s a title that hints at the curator’s desire to keep the context of the art and its political nature in sharp focus, dealing with an era in which both the political and artistic landscapes became wider and more polarised. But placing them in context doesn’t mean the works on display are presented as relics of a bygone era. Instead, they are shown to be relevant ideological statements. With her ‘Malmaschine’ (Painting Machine), Rebecca Horn comments on the consequences of modernisation for the artistic process. Andy Warhol’s ‘Camouflage’ is displayed alongside newspaper clippings to highlight its potential as a satire of militarism, while Andreas Gursky’s photographs of the Singapore Stock Exchange tackle the world of finance. When Director Udo Kittelmann talks of the importance of using museums as a platform for discussion and debate, it’s clear that this conviction has been borne out in the exhibition: from the hundreds of artworks available the gallery has selected the most significant pieces, but it is the coherent and enlightening way in which they have been displayed that makes this such a fascinating exhibition.

Image: Andreas Gursky, Singapore Stock Exchange I, 1997, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie, Schenkung Dr. Erich Marx

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Opening 7 November 2014, 8 p.m.

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The Collection Part 3
dal 6/11/2014 al 30/12/2014

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