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Revolver II Part 3
dal 15/11/2014 al 13/12/2014

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Revolver II Part 3

Matt's Gallery, London

For this session the project presents the works of tree artist. Patrick Goddard recent works have taken the form of videos, books, performances and sculpture. Jaki Irvine presents multichannel video installation, Lucia Noguiera made her sculptural installations using everyday objects.

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Revolver presents works by ten artists made between 1983 and 2012 in discrete spaces in the gallery in a three-part series of short exhibitions of up to four artists. The works are presented in this way so that they can be experienced as autonomous and discrete productions by the artists, but it is hoped that the format of Revolver will also encourage the generation of shifting associations across the works, between the spaces of the gallery and over the timeline of the exhibition. The project explores resonances, echoes and returns and ways that artists touch on shared approaches, formal concerns and themes to generate diverse meanings and outcomes.

Patrick Goddard
Goddard's recent works have taken the form of videos, books, performances and sculpture; all with an emphasis on observational anecdotes or research led articles. Without becoming politically illustrative, many works explore socio-politically loaded issues from conceptions of evil to class politics, sociology to anarchy, the uncanny to the absurd. Saturated with a sense of pathos, narratives undermine themselves with a self-defeating humour, playfully calling into question the sincerity or authority of the narrator, and the artist.
Goddard's debut graphic novel Operation Paperclip, 2014, was launched at Matt's Gallery as a Trailer to Revolver II.

Jaki Irvine
Through the use of forms that range from single screen or more complex multichannel video installations to photography, music composition and writing, Irvine foregrounds the complex ways we imagine ourselves and the world around us. For Irvine, this activity has both philosophical and political implications. How we take our place and act as social beings is underpinned by how we construct and articulate our understanding of ourselves and others, both privately and collectively, and in her work Irvine seeks to re-examine these conflicting power relations, anxieties, desires and fantasies.

Lucia Noguiera
Part Three presents two works by Nogueira; Monologue (1995) and Untitled (1998).
Before her death in 1998, the Brazilian artist Lucia Nogueira was predominantly known for her sculptural installations using everyday objects, intentionally creating work that left questions unanswered, deferred closure and implicated the spectator in creating meaning by bringing to the work their own memories and imagination.

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