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Five New Installations
dal 8/10/2014 al 12/9/2015

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Five New Installations

Perez Art Museum Miami - PAMM, Miami

Artists Nicole Cherubini, Mario Garcia Torres, Shana Lutker, and Gary Simmons present new work: from groundbreaking ceramic works to mixed media installations featuring photography, film, and sculpture to research-based performances. Iman Issa creates an exhibition of new sculptures.

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Pérez Art Museum Miami has commissioned five ambitious new projects for the 2014 - 2015 season, in keeping with its mission to support the work of living artists and promote cultural engagement with Miami and South Florida communities. Artists Nicole Cherubini, Mario Garcia Torres, Shana Lutker, and Gary Simmons will present new work in the Museum’s project galleries, which were designed especially to provide focused, single - artist experiences, while artist Iman Issa will create an exhibition of new sculptures for one of the museum’s more expansive focus galleries.

The 2014 - 2015 PAMM commissions will be realized in a wide variety of media — from groundbreaking ceramic works to mixed media installations featuring photography, film, and sculpture to research - based performances. The exhibitions will range in theme from ma terial explorations, to race relations in the US, to revelations across movements in art history. All of the artists’ works will respond to and engage with PAMM’s building architecture, creating immersive experiences that are at once immediate and broadly relevant.

The artists were selected to represent a diversity of perspectives, processes, and interests with the vision of introducing them to and cultivating their use of South Florida’s, and in particular Miami’s, resources and cultural community. In bringing living artists to Miami, PAMM is fostering cultural and artistic exchange, while encouraging public interaction with the artists and Museum.

“Site - specific and commissioned works are a vital part of PAMM’s curatorial and public vision and program . These types of projects afford us the opportunity to connect with a wide range of voices and to inspire a meaningful dialogue among the local, national, and international creative communities, the public, and the Museum,” said Thom Collins, PAMM’s Direct or. “We look forward to supporting and presenting the work of these artists and to further engaging with our visitors through the exhibitions and accompanying public programs — connecting our local experience with those across the country and the globe.”

Upcoming commissions include:

Project Gallery: Nicole Cherubini , 500 , October 9, 2014 - April 5, 2015 Cherubini mines the history and formal possibilities of clay to create works that range from spare, tense minimalism to exuberant and brash decadence. For her new exhibition at PAMM, 500 , the artist created a new body of interrelated, free - standing and wall - based works. Comprised of a diversity of objects, this exhibition responds to the architecture of the space and expands on the artist’s previous body of work, incorporating new shapes and materials into her lexicon.
Clay has been Cherubini’s primary material for 20 years and she employs a specific constellation of forms and techniques, which have come to constitute her un ique vocabulary. These forms are variously reinterpreted, conjoined, stretched, embellished, and combined with other materials to create discrete works that suggest an investigative and experimental approach to sculpture. Cherubini's work is indebted to an abiding engagement with clay itself and the core of her project resides in her ability to bring the medium's particular materiality, forms, and history to bear on the ongoing dialogue of painting and sculpture.

Project Gallery: Nicole Cherubini is organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami Associate Curator Diana Nawi.

Project Gallery: Gary Simmons , November 14, 2014 – October 4, 2015 Simmons is best known for enigmatic compositions featuring deceptively simple motifs rendered atop broad fields of monochromatic pigment. He extracts these motifs from a variety of archival and pop culture sources, arriving at each selection through an intensive research process. Simmons will create an ambitious new work for the PAMM’s stunning double - height project gallery — a large , ephemeral mural to be painted directly on the gallery’s 30 - foot high and 29 - foot wide back wall.
A single work by Simmons is capable of evoking a multiplicity of meanings, simultaneously referencing a buried episode in the painful history of race relat ions in the United States and the artist’s own childhood memories, for example. Simmons is known for his use of an eerie erasure effect, which he achieves by blurring his drawings with his hands. Recalling the look of chalk on blackboards, the effect reinf orces the mysterious quality of Simmons’ imagery while suggesting movement, the fleetingness of time, the pliability of history, and the inevitable fading of both cultural and personal memory.

Project Gallery:Gary Simmons is organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami Curator René Morales.

Project Gallery: Mario Garcia Torres , December 2, 2014 – March 28, 2015 The Mexico City - based artist Mario Garcia Torres is currently working on a new project commissioned by PAMM for one of its first floor project galleries. Garcia Torres has long been interested in exploring historiography by addressing unusual parallels or little - know fragments of stories within recent art history. Simultaneously, the artist examines the specific qualities and contexts that provoke creation and invention.
As part of his initial investigation, the artist is considering notions of South Florida as a site for withdrawal from society for the purposes of artistic creation. This research is intended to produce a number of gestures, including photographic documentation, a potential film, and display of objects, which will be exhibited, successively, beginning on December 2, 2014 — timed to the kickoff of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Project Gallery: Mario Garcia Torres is organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander.

Focus Gallery: Iman Issa , April 2015 – October 2015 Iman Issa’s multimedia works explore the relationship between history, memory, language, and objects. Her projects typi cally incorporate multiple pieces that are themselves comprised of multiple forms. Recent installations have allowed Issa, who also writes fiction and essays as part of her practice, to investigate historical works of art through poetic, written descriptio ns and varied interpretative forms. Issa’s modest but beautifully crafted objects, short videos, snapshot - like photographs, and accompanying texts use language and juxtaposition to create ambiguous, but resonant tableaus.
For PAMM, Issa will present a ne w body of works drawn from a larger series entitled Heritage Studies. Interested in exploring the way in which historical objects resonate with (and are deployed by) the present, Issa’s exhibition will reinterpret various objects from the past as newly ima gined forms. These reenvisioned works will be accompanied by interpretative texts. Embodying the cool and seductive minimalist aesthetic for which she is known, these sculptures represent a shift in scale for the artist and an expansion of her material vo cabulary.

Focus Gallery:Iman Issa is organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami Associate Curator Diana Nawi.

Project Gallery: Shana Lutker , May 7, 2015 – September 13, 2015 Since 2012, Shana Lutker has been researching the Surrealist movement. Among the most important European avant - garde groups of the 20th century, the Surrealists explored the unconscious mind and creative expressions that were tied to the irrational. They were also, as revealed by Lutker’s research, prone to physical, public fights incited by intellectual arguments and personal slights. Lutker has identified seven fights that she is investigating through sculptural installations. She has realized two of these projects: t he first one in three parts, including gallery presentations in Los Angeles and Zurich as well as a performance at Performa 13 in New York, and one as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial.
For PAMM, Lutker will realize the third work in her series. Her installation will respond to the architecture of PAMM’s unique auditorium space. In addition to her newly commissioned artwork for the project gallery, Lutker will debut a performative lecture focused on the Surrealist fight she has been researching.

Project Gallery: Shana Lutker is organized by Pérez Art Museum Miami Associate Curator Diana Nawi.

Image: Mario Garcia Torres, Fish House, Captiva Island, FL., 2014. Photo: Vicente Pouso

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