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A man walks into a bar
dal 24/1/2015 al 21/2/2015

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Tina Volk

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A man walks into a bar

me Collectors Room - Olbricht Foundation, Berlin

A collection of artist's postcards

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'A man walks into a bar' the unmistakable prelude to a joke. This remarkable collection of artist's postcards of the same name could not have a more fitting title. Drawn, written, or stuck together, postcards featuring the contributing artists favorite jokes make up the unique content of this amusing exhibition at me Collectors Room Berlin. The curators and editors Franziska and Johannes Sperling, wrote to selected artists, and about one hundred of them responded to their request and mailed them small works of art. The collection of artist's postcards is published in the small volume 'A Man Walks into a Bar' by Hatje Cantz.

Cindy Sherman / Falling Fictions
dal 15/9/2015 al 9/4/2016

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