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Two Exhibitions
dal 6/2/2015 al 16/4/2015

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Two Exhibitions

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art UCCA, Beijing

Lui Wei presents 'Colors' an exhibition evolves around a grouping of major new paintings, sculptures, and videos. 'The Word in 2015' assembles works by artists, Chinese and international, that speak to the state of the world this year.

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Liu Wei: Colors

Liu Wei (b. 1972, Beijing) is one of the most important artistic voices of his generation. Coming from the heated conceptual climate of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou during the 1990s and a key member of the late 1990s “Post-Sense Sensibility” formation, Liu Wei has gone on in the past decade to pioneer an artistic language all his own.

Based on a fastidious combination of elements abstract and concrete, Chinese and universal, his practice addresses the new ways of seeing and knowing made possible in contemporary China. Present throughout his practice is a unique sense of how juxtapositions of objects and materials create meanings, and of how objects placed in space structure viewers’ experiences.

This exhibition, Liu Wei’s largest institutional solo show to date, revolves around a grouping of major new paintings, sculptures, and videos which refer back to his fifteen years of mature output while also opening up interpretive pathways for works yet to come.


The World in 2015

This exhibition assembles works by artists, Chinese and international, that speak to the state of the world this year. At a moment when the daily exigencies of sectarian radicalism, latent disease, heightened inequality, financial instability, and political reform overlay longer trajectories of technological acceleration, economic transition, geopolitical rebalance, and environmental degradation, artists offer compelling interpretations of our larger surroundings. Some of the works presented here engage with specific histories and local conditions, while others reflect more immanent states of thinking and being, also known as ideology. Its title referring to the forecast of global news and business trends published at the beginning of each year by The Economist, this exhibition might be seen as an anthology of possible responses to the question, what might it mean to be alive in the world today?

Curated by Philip Tinari with Felicia Chen, “The World in 2015” includes works by Jonathas de Andrade, Neil Beloufa, Chen Shaoxiong, Cui Jie, Aslan Gaisumov, GCC, Hu Xiangqian, Koo Jeong A, Liu Ye, Noah Sheldon, and Zhang Xiao.

Image: Liu Wei, Purple Air 2014 No.3 (detail), 400 x 400 cm, Oil on canvas, Courtesy the artist

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Ling Chen, ling.chen@ucca.org.cn

Opening: 7 February 2015

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