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Three exhibitions

Kiasma, Helsinki

"Elements" explores our relationship with the world and the forces of nature through works of art from the Kiasma Collections. "Face to Face" presents the boundaries of portraiture, the concept nevertheless invokes the idea of encounter. Consisting of more than 250 works, a retrospective offers a broad overview of the key periods of Robert Mapplethorpe's career.

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13.03.2015 - 09.08.2015


Throughout the ages the elements have been used as a concept for understanding reality. Ancient Greek philosophers saw the world as constituted of fire, water, earth and air. Today the structure of the universe is studied by physicists and cosmologists – and also by artists. This exhibition explores our relationship with the world and the forces of nature through works of art from the Kiasma Collections.

The motifs in the works range from origins to destruction, change to permanence, lightness to weight. Some of the works are reminiscent of the mixed sense of awe and dread inspired by nature in the romantic period, or the fundamental uncertainty of things. On the other hand, our relationship with nature is also characterised by science and research and concern about the state of the environment.

The word ‘element’ can also refer to the component parts of an entity. One aspect of the exhibition is the choice of materials in contemporary art and the experiences they engender. The works on show speak to the viewer through their materials, which range from gold leaf through glass, stone and wool to fire and light.

Elina Autio (1985 Finland)
Enzo Cucchi (1948 Italy)
Carolus Enckell (1945 Finland)
Jussi Heikkilä (1952 Finland)
Jannis Kounellis (1936 Greece)
Janne Laine (1970 Finland)
Liisa Lounila (1976 Finland)
Elina Merenmies (1967 Finland)
Mario Merz (1925–2003 Italy)
Mariele Neudecker (1965 Germany)
Tuula Närhinen (1967 Finland)
Anssi Pulkkinen & Taneli Rautiainen (1982 & 1983 Finland)
Maaria Wirkkala (1954 Finland)


13.03.2015 - 07.02.2016

Face to Face
Portrait now

A traditional portrait is a work of art that depicts an individual and reveals something of their character, personality or position. Portraiture as an art form has changed radically in recent decades as the concept of identity has altered. The idea of a ‘true self’ that can be captured in a picture is no longer regarded as tenable. Art is now seeking new ways to depict varied and changeable identities.

The exhibition presents works from the Kiasma Collections and other contemporary artworks through the theme of portraiture. While some of the works are traditional self-portraits, many of the artists focus on the body or physical presence instead of the face and external likeness. Some works only show objects associated with a person or a role, while some depict a celebrity whom the artist has never met.

Although the boundaries of portraiture have become blurred, the concept nevertheless invokes the idea of encounter. A portrait puts the viewer into contact with another person, be it the artist or someone else. At times the subject of the portrait meets our gaze, at other times they turn their face away.

Adel Abidin (1973 Iraq)
Lauri Astala (1958 Finland)
Tracey Emin (1963 Great Britain)
Juha Hälikkä (1966 Finland)
Kaarina Kaikkonen (1952 Finland)
Jan Kaila (1957 Finland)
Marjaana Kella (1961 Finland)
Heta Kuchka (1974 Finland)
Johanna Lecklin (1972 Finland)
Sami Lukkarinen (1976 Finland)
Elina Merenmies (1967 Finland)
Esko Männikkö (1959 Finland)
Kalervo Palsa (1947–1987 Finland)
Jorma Puranen (1951 Finland)
Merja Puustinen (1963 Finland)
Aurora Reinhard (1975, Finland)
Seppo Renvall (1963 Finland)
Nina Roos (1956 Finland)
Stiina Saaristo (1976 Finland)
Mari Slaattelid (1960 Norway)
Sami Sänpäkkilä (1975 Finland)
Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo (1984 Estonia)
Pauliina Turakka Purhonen (1971 Finland)
Marianna Uutinen (1961 Finland)


13.03.2015 - 13.09.2015

Robert Mapplethorpe

The American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946–1989) lived a life of passion in the New York underground and rock scenes in the 1970s and ‘80s. That passion also made its way into his art.

Consisting of more than 250 works, the retrospective exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma offers a broad overview of the key periods of Mapplethorpe’s career. In their aspiration for perfection, Mapplethorpe’s pictures blend beauty and eroticism with pain, pleasure and death. Mapplethorpe also photographed his celebrity friends such as Patti Smith, Andy Warhol and Richard Gere. Although solidly anchored in their time, his photographs are also universal and topical even today.

Arriving from Paris to Helsinki, the high-profile exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn about the art and life of one of the most important photographic artists of our time. The exhibition is curated by Jérôme Neutres from Paris with Director Pirkko Siitari and Chief Curator Marja Sakari from Kiasma.

This exhibition is organized by The Finnish National Gallery – Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais, with the collaboration of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation New York.

Image: Mario Merz, Untitled (Igloo), 1989. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Pirje Mykkänen

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