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Joel Clark
dal 22/3/2015 al 26/3/2015

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Joel Clark

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Joel Clark

Nancy Victor gallery, London

The artist uses vinyl to create surreal, dynamic art work with a hand-cut finish.

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Joel Clark uses vinyl to create surreal, dynamic art work with a hand-cut finish. Influenced by his love for any- thing automotive, Clark takes vehicle parts, doors and mirrors and produces complex, bold graphical sculp- tures. He had the idea of working with vinyl as a medium, ever since he first learnt the skill of hand-cutting stickers for racing cars, in his first job after school. After attending Art College followed by a career as a Crea- tive in advertising for 17 years, it was just over a year ago he had the vision of how to finally utilise vinyl.

Clark’s work today has radically transformed since that breakthrough, he sees constant contrasts, where the works take on a ‘Surreal Pop Art Sculpture’ style. Each piece simply becomes a reflection of the world around us, inviting the viewer to create a narrative. Being vehicle parts, one can always ask: What was the car doing in that location?

The off cuts collection is in total contrast to the intricacy of his reflections pieces. Although every piece of vinyl has to be carefully selected and applied, Clark can express total creative freedom and the organic, abstract collages come as a result of this.

“I find Joel’s vinyl work both unique and interesting. My favourite is his use of perspectives on the work Tunnel Vision” Ryan Stanier. Fair Director, The Other Art Fair.

“Joel creates refreshing pieces of artwork of a fascinating concept using vehicle parts creating surreal images - such thing we’ve not come across before and we are very happy to have Joel part of the Tokyo International Art Fair, which we are sure of that he will do really well in Japan.” Global Art Agency.

Image: Joel Clark

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Opening: Monday 23 March 6–8pm

Nancy Victor Gallery
6 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia
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