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Images That Speak
dal 1/4/2015 al 15/5/2015

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Images That Speak

Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver

This group exhibition features the most innovative approaches to photography today, with several works created especially for the occasion.

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Curated by Christopher Eamon

Capture Photography Festival and Presentation House Gallery are thrilled to announce the lead exhibition for this year’s festival entitled Images that Speak, which opens April 2, 2015 at the Satellite Gallery.

Jointly commissioned by Capture and Presentation House Gallery in partnership with Satellite Gallery, this group exhibition features the most innovative approaches to photography today, with several works created especially for the occasion. The exhibition showcases ten local and international contemporary artists, many showing in Vancouver for the first time, whose works call into question how photographic images speak to us. The artists employ various techniques to tear away and supplant the legibility of images, retooling mechanisms and pictorial conventions, all the while adding their own meanings in the process.

Not content to leave a picture alone, the artists seek to disrupt our reception of photographic images by pushing the boundaries of their visibility. At the heart of Images that Speak is a single slide and audio piece by celebrated British artist Steve McQueen, entitled 7th November (2001). The viewer sees a close up of a man’s shaved and scarred head, while a voice over from McQueen’s cousin tells of a fatal accident that changed his life forever.

“The artists in this exhibition can be said to hold in common an expanded notion of the photographic, leading to experiments that mess with their visual experience,” exhibition curator, Christopher Eamon, explains. “Responding in part to the ubiquity of digital images, some of the artists forfeit cameras altogether and take inspiration from early modernist photographers.”

Examples of this can be seen in artworks integrating drawing and painting, collage mash-ups and unorthodox treatments of photographic negatives. Together, the works in Images That Speak offer provocative insights into the limits of photography and its fundamental richness.

Image: Steve McQueen, 7th November, 2001, colour slide projection, sound, courtesy of the artist, Thomas Dane Gallery and Marian Goodman Galler

Opening: Thursday, April 2, 7:30 pm
Curator tour followed by discussion with curator and artists: Friday, April 3, 12–1:30 pm

Satellite Gallery
560 Seymour Street, 2nd floor
Vancouver, British Columbia

Images That Speak
dal 1/4/2015 al 15/5/2015

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