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Lupo Borgonovo - Lisa Rampilli
dal 25/2/2015 al 25/4/2015

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Lucie Fontaine


Lupo Borgonovo
Lisa Rampilli

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Lupo Borgonovo - Lisa Rampilli

Lucie Fontaine, Milano

La porta d'oro. Gli oggetti che costituiscono questo ambiente - opere d'arte, oggetti di scena, ricordi recenti viaggi - provengono dalla casa privata degli artisti.

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Lucie Fontaine is pleased to present “The Golden Gate,” a project conceived by Italian artists Lupo Borgonovo and Lisa Rampilli. This “intervention” consists of an environment that will function as a set for a series of actions.

The objects constituting this environment – artworks, props, and souvenirs from recent journeys – come from the private house of the artists. Through this “distribution of objectified memories,” Borgonovo and Rampilli will create a series of narrative associations, a plural story to be told by two voices.

Through these unexpected confrontations, ikebana compositions will become a recitative gymkhana. This is a horizontal vision in which everything has the same value, where these is no hierarchy, and the banana peel has the same importance of the millenary shelf.

Starting from these objects, the anthropologist Andrea Staid will develop his own narratives. In other words this setting will become a port from which Staid will launch his contribution. His stories of migrants and migrations aim to demolish the belief in purity, the idea of a pure identity, in order to favor the mestizo.

Following Staid’s contribution actor Moreno Agnella will present a short, autobiographical monologue, narrated through the mythological view of its protagonists – a mother and a father.

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Lucie Fontaine
via Rinaldo Rigola, 1 Milano
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