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Tortona Design Week 2015
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Tortona Design Week 2015

Diverse sedi di zona Tortona, Milano

Oltre 180 gli eventi previsti nelle location della zona che spaziano dalle installazioni interattive alle performance artistiche, dai progetti dei giovani talenti ai brand internazionali piu' affermati dell'industrial design.

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This year, as ever, Tortona Design Week will prove an essential focus during the forthcoming Fuorisalone event. Tortona is the district that first brought together the foremost brands in Italian and international design with famous as well as up-and-coming young designers in the impressive spaces of its many former industrial warehouses, incubators that have always made it an eagerly-awaited event, visited by thousands of people.

Winding through the streets of Via Savona, Via Tortona and Via Forcella, this circuit pulsates with vitality all year round, and even more so during Fuorisalone week. In this way, the industrial spirit – which constitutes this area’s natural DNA – embraces design, becoming the perfect blend of creative excitement and production, where visitors can discover each company’s latest developments, as well as the most coveted showcase for young designers and a place of inspiration for the many enthusiasts and visitors who come to discover the most innovative trends.

Tortona Design Week is design, it is Milan. And at the same time, it’s an extraordinary window on the world, as this edition of the Fuorisalone event, as in the past, features a number of international collectives exhibiting in the venues of this creative circuit, launched over ten years ago in the Tortona district.

The most prominent international exhibitors this year include a large collective featuring the best in Chinese design, presented by the Red Star Macalline furniture design colossus, in the Superstudio Più venue, alongside the Islamopolitan (Islam + Cosmopolitan) collective of artists and designers from the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah, the 2014 Capital of Islamic Culture; in the Ex-Ansaldo building, the edgy, punk style of the British Designers Block will co-exist alongside French design in the two France Design shows that focus on prominent, as well as up-and-coming, designers; in the Opificio 31 venue, Rio+Design will present the trends that inspire Brazilian design research. The Vetraio venue will host a collective of talented young Irish designers, Irish Design 2015, which is making its Fuorisalone debut. The Dutch creatives at Tuttobene will once again be attending the Tortona circuit with their Meet & Matter curatorial project in Via Novi, revealing the phases that make up the creative process behind a finished product. Following last year’s success, Tokyo Design Week will be returning to 58 Via Tortona, presenting the creativity of Tokyo as applied to Design, Art, Fashion, Technology and Food.

Tortona Design Week is an integrated marketing and communication project, organised by the Tortona Area Lab association and funded by Milan City Council with the aim of promoting the events, installations and projects that take place in Tortona during Fuorisalone. This initiative’s partners include Ex-Stecca delle Acciaierie Ansaldo, Magna Pars, Milano Space Makers, the Superstudio Group and Tortona Locations.

The 2015 edition of Tortona Design Week’s Main Partner is the international technology company ASUS.

The official Info Point and Press Lounge of Tortona Design Week is hosted in the Ex- Ansaldo building. Thanks to the partnership with Abitare, a leading design magazine, this location will be the home of the Design Center: a hub providing all the facilities that visitors and designers need to make it easier to meet, exchange ideas and projects and take a break between one appointment and another. The Design Center boasts a coworking space, a lounge, a bar/restaurant and the Isola Tech – with ASUS as technological partner - equipped with ASUS EeeBook X205 Notebooks. Journalists, visitors and authorised personnel will be able to glean information on programmes and events in the various different exhibitor circuits throughout the week.

Below you’ll find a list of the exclusive events and site-specific projects that will enliven the Tortona district during Milan’s design week. Milan will become a collection of stages scattered here and there for design week and Fuorisalone: the most important and prestigious event in the design industry on an international scale. Zona Tortona is where it all began, where design first colonised the streets and alternative locations in the post- industrial atmosphere that characterises its venues, experimenting with new forms of communication and cross-fertilisation.

Scheduled events:
15 Via Tortona | the Event Space - Magna Pars Suites Milano Hotel
#26 Motivi per fare Arte (‘26 reasons to create Art’) is a competition devised by Vittorio Gucci in order to promote the artistic expression of the many young people who are not being supported by cultural associations and the establishment. The jury, presided over by Vittorio Sgarbi, has chosen and announced the 26 winners who will receive their awards during a grand event held at the Magna Pars Event Space. These talented young artists will see their work turned into items of clothing, accessories, gifts and a host of other things.

The Brazilian artist Ricardo Antonio will be exhibiting exclusive design objects, innovative interpretations of international trends.

The Magna Pars Suites Milano Hotel’s Library Hall in 6 Via Forcella will provide the backdrop for designs by Fabio Fantolino, an architect from Turin who filters and relates the things he observes during his trips to the world’s most important cities, journeys that ensure he is always up-to-date with current international trends. Fantolino creates design objects that reflect his constant commitment to creating an atmosphere, the product of a balance between three fundamental elements: space, materials and lighting.

Black and white are used to highlight the elegant and exclusive style of the Magna Pars Suites Milano hotel in the Open Lobby. The Mercedes S Class 500 Maybach – the world’s most exclusive car, designed to attract customers interested in high-end luxury – will be on display in the Lobby Lounge. This particular car is the only one of its kind in Italy, and is reserved for the exclusive use of the Limo One Srl – Luxury Car Service company.

Dolcefarniente has furnished the Open Lobby with a collection of glamorous and seductive items, the product of expert craftsmanship with an eye for detail. This is luxury black-and-white outdoor furniture that perfectly matches the hotel’s interiors. The Martini & Rossi Group, which has always been synonymous with Italian excellence, will dominate a bar corner set up specially for hotel guests and exhibitors.

20 Via Tortona | the ASUS Design Center
ASUS has played a key role during the last five editions of this event. This year, it is returning to Milan Design Week’s international scene, in 20 Via Tortona. This year’s design project was developed by the ASUS Design Center: a prestigious, award-winning group of Asus designers. The show, entitled ZENsation, takes its cue from Zen philosophy, the inspiration behind most of ASUS’ recent developments, and an attempt to find a balance between performance and design, with the ultimate aim of turning technology into the perfect combination of elegance and innovation, so that it dovetails perfectly and harmoniously with our daily lives. The show will guide visitors along a journey that winds through striking creations, interactive installations and avantgarde products, offering them the chance to experience at first hand how ASUS design encapsulates humanity, beauty and modernity.

20 Via Tortona | SM’ART
The Tortona Gallery will be hosting SM’ART, a young, dynamic company that develops, manufactures and distributes decorative panels for the furniture, furnishing and construction industries throughout Europe: high quality melamine panelling boasting avantgarde technical and aesthetic features with an innovative and revolutionary decorative finish.

Via Novi | Tuttobene and Impress Surfaces
The Dutch creatives at Tuttobene are returning to this year’s Fuorisalone with their Meet & Matter curatorial project, based in Officine della Torneria, 5 Via Novi, a project that will intensify partnerships between curators, individual designers and collectives. The event will focus on communication between designers and their audience, by presenting the stories at the heart of every single design object, revealing the stages that go into the creative process that lies behind every finished product. The objects on display include The Cottage Industry’s kaleidoscope vases, The Story Tiles’ Delft Punk tiles, one-off items handmade by Stephan Siepermann, Heetman | Patijn’s subtly ironic objects and other interesting designers who are making a name for themselves worldwide. * In the STUDIO space in 2 Via Novi, the German company IMPRESS SURFACES will be presenting its Decor in Process project, inviting Design Week visitors to play with decorations and shapes, creating a sculpture that, instead of being static, can be changed at any time. The whole experience will be recorded on film so as not to lose the details of each creative idea; an entertaining experiment!

Via Voghera | WELTEVREE
The AUTOFFICINE in 8 Via Voghera will play host to Weltevree, a Dutch brand created by the designers Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff in 2007. This company aims to contribute to a sustainable, socialising and stimulating community by providing products and services that enhance the environment and pursue a new concept of quality and luxury.

32 Via Tortona | Lexus
Lexus will be presenting A Journey of the Senses: an installation set up in partnership with the designer Philippe Nigro and the chef Hajime Yoneda. It is a journey that stimulates the senses and allows participants to experience new emotions thanks to a wide range of sensations and impressions that reflect the philosophy behind the Lexus brand. The installation will offer visitors a unique experience, celebrating and exploring the infinite facets of the world of design. The 12 design project finalists of the Lexus Design Award, whose theme this year was ‘Senses’, will also be on display.

27 Via Tortona | Superstudio Più
In Milan, the Superstudio Group will be celebrating 15 years as a key player in international design with its new SUPERDESIGN SHOW format: an evolving project that will be replacing and incorporating the success of the Temporary Museum for New Design. The Superstudio Più’s 10,000m 2 of exhibition space will feature the most interesting products of Italian and international design, as well as projects and lifestyle proposals that take their cue from design in an attempt to imagine the present and future of our homes, workplaces, educational establishments, our urban habitat and the present and future of our lives.

An original, grand, strong logo was designed by the art director and artist Flavio Lucchini to encapsulate the new design era at the Superstudio, which with its new name and new SUPERDESIGN SHOW format provides new answers to market trends, to changes in the world of design, to the expansion of horizons, to the legion of 2.0 creatives. It is a vast fulcrum that tackles current circumstances with a renewed sense of project design development: in a way, it has all the appeal of the Temporary Museum, entrusting a select number of international brands with the task of exploring the latest frontiers of creativity and presenting them in emotive itineraries that enchant and astonish the visitor with a show that stimulates all the senses. A grand theme and an invitation to OPEN YOUR MIND!

The SUPERDESIGN SHOW was devised by Gisella Borioli. The architect Carolina Nisivoccia was the project’s art director.
The Superstudio Più in 27 Via Tortona presents various different projects that offer a complete overview of the world of international design, now divided into thematic groups:

The Temporary Museum
Where design becomes emotion, in line with the formula ‘less trade fair and more museum’. Furnishings, objects, materials and more are presented using the new languages of the contemporary art scene and the wonders of technology, with the contribution of internationally renowned creatives. Marcel Wanders will be presenting a spectacular sensory installation for LG Hausys (South Korea) where two opposite worlds, reason and emotion, merge. The Asahi Glass Company (Japan) has created a glass labyrinth, with the help of Norihisa Kawashima and Keika Sato, that evokes the formation of a glacier, where light projections and images generate a new level of interaction between people and information. An imposing kinetic sculpture leads us to the world of Hyundai (South Korea) thanks to its partnership with the American sculptor Reuben Margolin: a moving wave over three metres tall, an expression of the harmony and vitality of nature. Thanks to its avantgarde technologies, Aisin Seiki (Japan) has created a philosophical installation for a futuristic kind of mobility applied to the furnishings industry.

The Galleries
Innovative and established contemporary design companies will be presenting their most recent furnishings and developments in ‘galleries’ that have been specially set aside for them. The best ‘Made in Italy’-branded interior design will be represented by a new and elegant system of home partition walls, alongside the latest developments from Former and GioPagani’s Couture collection, which incorporates fashion trends in its sophisticated furnishings. Then there’s Vitamin Design’s sustainable furniture, featuring its butterfly table, a combination of elegance and lightness; Ornamenta and its highly tailored ceramic decorations where art and material merge. Hyundai Card will be presenting the evolution of credit card design over a decade of history, from a mere method of payment to what can also be an aesthetic and sensory experience. The latest light design trends come from Beau&Bien, jewel lights and sculpture lights with glistening crystals that magically hover in the air. The great German designer Jan Kath’s carpet art is influenced by contemporary aesthetic taste as well as a return to roots, and Kath has brought two unique collections to the exhibition: one inspired by space and the galaxies, and another that features a reinterpretation of traditional Oriental carpets. Last but not least, there’s the merging of the languages of photography, video and design with the astonishing and original duo Pietro Travaglini and Giovanni Gastel, an up-and-coming designer and a great photographer, who have joined forces to create an extraordinary video installation.

The World is here
The presence of new design industry hubs has become stronger at the Superstudio, with spaces arranged in individual or collective exhibitions that promote differences in traditions and cultures. A large-scale collective of the best in Chinese design, presented by the Red Star Macalline furniture design colossus, celebrates a surprising level of original and contemporary creativity, as well as the collection of works of art for decorating interiors by Guangzhou Topoo Home&Decor, which has been working in the field of art applied to design for over 20 years. The spotlight will be on new design expressions from Japan, Korea, Spain, Israel, France, Serbia and Hungary.

Selected Objects
This is the Superstudio’s eagerly-awaited selection of objects, proposals and innovative and original design projects that can become symbols of today’s new design. It is a wide, open-minded choice that promotes new creative forces: Biomega with a bicycle that MoMA has added to its collection, a new tech icon of minimalist Scandinavian design; a door that turns into a bed by Tac Design, perfect where space is at a premium; Cozì Studio’s lamps with their lace-like 3D-print fabrics; Lettera G’s ‘flat’ solutions for storing books and objects; the German designer Jens Otten’s laser-cut metal lamps and the technological and interactive objects of Digital Habits, all (or almost all) of which are on sale on the www.dalani.it website in its special Superstudio Selection section.

Ki.D.S., Kids design at SUPERSTUDIO
The Superstudio will be launching a new Ki.D.S. design project in partnership with Paola Noè, specially created for a child’s world: a world that is incredibly lively, demanding and rich in possibilities. It is an unprecedented exhibition that covers furnishings, accessories, books, games, art and much more. Ki.D.S. will feature unduetrestella design week – a highly successful event that recreates a whole apartment where children reign supreme – as well as the special creations tailor-made for children produced by Blue Monkeys Distribution, Eco and You, Flavio Lucchini Arte, Nidi, Studio delle Alpi and others that are to be announced shortly.

Art-design, art or design?
Artists who try their hand at furnishings; designers who approach the distinctive world of contemporary art; site-specific installations that visitors can use and interact with; visionary, challenging, ethical, original, emotive pieces that can transform their surroundings by merely being there. The Islamopolitan collective of artists and designers (Islam + Cosmopolitan) from the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah – the 2014 Capital of Islamic Culture – is destined to set tongues wagging. Its central theme is the relationship between Islam and Design, a conversation involving several voices that investigates issues of gender, culture, race and creed, with a holistic and ironic approach. The show will stay open during Milan Expo 2015, from 1 st – 14 th May. The Superstudio’s MyOwnGallery art gallery will host the Imagination exhibition, which presents a dialogue between art and design with the work of resident artist Flavio Lucchini and art-design pieces by Dilmos, Hand Artis Fabrica, Piazzadispagna9 and Tacloban Prevails.

A look at furnishing textiles in the ‘village’ that displays the ‘textile homes’ of Christian Fischbacher, Lisa Corti, SoFarSoNear and Acrylic Couture, Manuel Canovas, Arte-Fatto and Edelgrund.

Major names will also be exhibiting in the garden and outside the pavilions, such as Material Connexion, Ivanka, Izabela Boloz and rasori9. 31 Via Tortona | Opificio 31 The exhibition itinerary continues until it reaches Opificio 31, the exhibition village where manufacturing industries were once based (some of which still exist) and where LEFF amsterdam, Graypants, Peugeot, NLXL, Kosho Ueshima, Città Castello Designed to be Authentic, SEE with MIDO, Rio+Design, Contemporary Mood and Livingooh will be based.

LEFF amsterdam, the Dutch brand founded in 2011, famous for its stunning clocks, considered exclusive design objects, will present an event inspired by the theme of ‘time’, featuring the first-ever collection of wristwatches designed by Piet Hein Eek, a step beyond the previous, highly successful tube series collection, combined with time-themed furnishing proposals by Richard Hutten.

Graypants, a team of designers based in Seattle and Amsterdam, will present its latest lighting design collection: Murmurations by Graypants. This collection is based on LED technology and is inspired by the natural phenomena that light produces. A very theatrical and dynamic installation that creates different light compositions depending on the angle it is viewed from will present the collection.

Peugeot will present a world preview of its new series of interior decor furnishings, designed by the Peugeot Design Lab – Peugeot’s global brand design lab – which continues the approach it embarked upon last year. Like last year, this edition will feature a corner dedicated to the piano designed by the Peugeot Design Lab in partnership with Pleyel. This display, which is of enormous visual and audio impact, will focus on the piano that has revolutionised musical conventions ever since it was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2012.

In the Paola Navone exhibition space, a highly sophisticated exhibition of wallpapers by the Dutch company NLXL will be on display.

Among the other exhibitions that will be enlivening Opificio 31, the Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima will be presenting Misoka: a toothbrush that you only use with water and no toothpaste, thanks to the use of the latest mineral nanotechnology. Misoka will be presented at the Water Fountain, a striking installation that puts it at the centre of a scenario that focuses entirely on the theme of water. This display, inspired by a Japanese Zen garden, involved contributions from the famous designers Setsu and Shinobu Ito, who also designed stone seats produced by Grassi Pietre, the event’s partner.

Opificio 31 will also play host to a project organised by Umbria’s regional government – Città Castello Designed to be Authentic – displaying regional design items. The Città Castello collection will debut at Fuorisalone with a selection of objects that aim to show how artisanal production methods can meet the challenge of innovation using functional interior design features that ‘work’, that combine craftsmanship, traditional and contemporary materials, respect for the environment, design and technology.

The SEE with Mido event (SEE being an acronym for See Extraordinary Eyewear), will be presenting a collection of exclusive sunglasses and accessories, organised by the Mido eyewear trade fair.

The exhibition circuit continues to make room for international talent with the Brazilians of Rio+Design, who will present the trends that inspire Brazilian design research, which can be summed up by the words ‘technology’ and ‘eco-sustainability’. These are the common themes of the seventh edition of the Rio+Design show, where over 75 items and designs by around 40 design studios will be on display. Sustainable wood will have a key role, demonstrating the informed and ecologically responsible approach adopted by Rio’s designers. This is the case with such items as Studio Zanini’s Espécies sofa or the Moiré coffee table and Lumi.lu lamp, both by the O Formigueiro design studio: all items characterised by a contemporary style and made using recycled wood. Estúdio Baobá’s HomeOffice HO01 workspace – a solution developed for home offices that is attached to a wall and designed for both lounges and bedrooms – is in keeping with a highly relevant theme of modern life: workspace design.

The Contemporary Mood event will be a highlight of this venue, as well as Livingooh, with an Alice in Wonderland-themed design project that presents the wonders of Italian design. Visitors will be drawn into a multi-sensory, fairytale world and led along an itinerary presenting the hundreds of products on display that encapsulate the history of quality and excellence that is Italian creativity.

The Vetraio exhibition space will house a collective of talented young Irish designers who are attending Milan’s Fuorisalone for the first time. Liminal – Irish design at the threshold presents the innovative and experimental work of 20 Irish designers chosen as part of ID2015, an initiative supported by the Irish government over the past year, designed to promote and celebrate Irish design at home and abroad.

The Emporio exhibition space will be hosting BURU BURU - Indie shopping for smiling people: a home furnishings-focused e-commerce company that has created an open-air set specially for this occasion and makes special rooms unique with imaginary walls where design items are left on the tarmac. BURU BURU is, first and foremost, a new way of looking at the world, so as to understand what objects tell us and choose the products that suit us best. BURU BURU selects young designers, independent companies and the best products by international brands so as to make shopping a unique experience.

54 Via Tortona | Design Center Ex-Ansaldo
France Design will be promoting French design with two shows: VIA Design 2015 displaying 14 furniture and lighting prototypes, all ready to be manufactured, created by 12 up-and-coming designers; and Talents & Economy, which presents a reflection on the role of design and the part it plays in creating added value in terms of function, aesthetic beauty and emotive value, through a display of 80 objects from daily life belonging to different fields, created by major brands and established, as well as up-and-coming, French designers. This location will also feature a ‘living area’: Cafè France Design, set up by Intramuros.

Designers Block will be presenting a collective of British designers who put forward a fairly edgy, punk and avantgarde style. Their show will feature Lina Patsiou’s home furnishing accessories, Pernille Holme textiles, Timorous Beasties wallpaper, Camilla Barnard’s illustrations and sculptures, as well as many other design proposals.

The Ex-Ansaldo building – in partnership with Abitare, a leading design magazine – will be turned into the event’s official Info-point and Press Lounge, collecting information on the events and programmes of the various exhibition circuit venues in one place. This is where the Design Center, a hub for visitors and exhibitors, will be providing the following services:
A meeting room: for meetings and presentations (prior booking required)
A coworking space: as well as being free to members of the public, the coworking space will feature start-ups and pilot projects like My Homing, OnPrintedPaper, What a Space and Be Part
The lounge area: so you can relax and recharge your mind, as well as your devices Bars and refreshments: by Turnè Night Bar, Biko, tramezzino.it
Entertainment: every night, musical entertainment by I Distratti
The Isola Tech with ASUS EeeBook X205 Notebooks, providing updates in real time
The Bookshop by OnPrintedPaper, direct sales as well as the option of online purchasing #designcenter #exansaldo

35 Via Tortona, | Nhow Hotel
This famous hotel will host designs and installations by internationally recognised designers.

58 Via Tortona | Tokyo Design Week
The facilities located at 58 Via Tortona will be home to Tokyo Design Week, which will explore various different creative fields and how they cross-fertilise each other. Following last year’s success, this event will present the creativity of Tokyo as applied to Design, Art, Fashion, Technology and Food, which this year will also include Cool & Kawaii, Edo & Tokyo so as to attract different target audiences and assert this creativity – among other things – in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This year, over ten major collections will be presented, including TOKYO Girls Room by CHINTAI, an artistic installation created by a supporter of Kawaii culture, Sebastian Masuda; N BAR, created by Hidetoshi Nakata, representing Japan’s national football team; Homage to UKIYOE, created by the best artists, including Ross Lovegrove; Hokusai Manga Inspired Exhibition in Milano, involving renowned artists Nicholas Gwenael and Katsumi Asaba; the Japanese cutting edge media art technology and many more.

Via Savona | MOOOI, Whirlpool, Scalo Milano, Stone Island, Sia, COTTO This year, as ever, the stunning venue in 56 Via Savona will play host to Moooi, where visitors will be astounded by the creations and installations of the famous designer Marcel Wanders.

The facilities in 35 Via Savona will be home to the Whirlpool, The Experience of Design event: a unique interactive experience where innovation and ease of use will be distinctive features. The new Urban aesthetic approach will be presented to mark the occasion. This approach interprets new trends in home decor where ‘less is attractive’ is the guiding principle, thanks to clean, essential lines that are both iconic and have their own strong personality.

The Aria Savona exhibition space in 43 Via Savona will also feature Scalo Milano, with a marketing and communication project promoting the concept store of that name whose main themes are luxury design and lifestyle. Scalo Milano was launched at Locate in 2015. The permanent Stone Island showroom in 54 Via Savona will feature installations and performances during Fuorisalone week. Nearby, visitors will get a chance to see the exhibition set up by Sia, an elegant and sophisticated French brand.

The street will also be enlivened by Piero Lissoni’s event, which will present the new Pætchwork/collection of tiles, bathroom fixtures, taps and accessories by COTTO, the flagship brand of SCG, a leading group in South-East Asia, in the Alatha exhibition space (37 Via Savona). The collection features Piero Lissoni’s subtle minimalism, perfectly poised between aesthetic taste and function. The sophisticated display, also by Piero Lissoni, will feature the interaction of different elements from the Pætchwork/collection in a space characterised by ‘industrial appeal’.

Via Vigevano | Hans Boodt Italia
Hans Boodt Italia, a leading company in the field of shopwindow mannequins, with products that lie somewhere between fashion and design, will be inaugurating its new 400m 2 showroom in 39 Via Vigevano. Hans Boodt has worked with Marcel Wanders and Mooi during a past edition of Fuorisalone, exhibiting a few of its mannequins inside the enormous warehouse that was full of items by this Dutch designer. Hans Boodt Mannequins has always encouraged partnerships with up-and-coming young designers, such as the Young Talent Rein Reitsma project http://www.hansboodt- manichini.it/manichini/speciali/knaapje. The inauguration will include artistic installations

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Tortona Design Week press preview
The press preview of all scheduled events will take place on Monday, 13 th April from 3pm - 7pm. All venues will be open to visitors.

Tortona Design Week open night
On Thursday, 16 th April, there will be a special open night, during which Tortona’s venues will be open to visitors until midnight.
Tortona Design Week Info Point - Press Lounge
Design Centre ex-Ansaldo | Via Bergognone angolo Via Tortona | free entry 10am - 10pm

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Tortona Design Week 2015
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