Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
New York
31 Mercer Street
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Vitaly Komar
dal 27/3/2015 al 1/5/2015
tuesday - saturday 10am-6pm

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Vitaly Komar

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Vitaly Komar

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

Allegories of Justice. Paintings, drawings, and sculpture

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Paintings, drawings, and sculpture. In the new series, "Allegories of Justice," 2010-14, Komar imbues the tradition of allegorical art, not only with a moral truth, but also with a contemporary perspective and virtuoso painting. The series takes as its truth the transcendental balance of the physical universe, against which our societal justice must be measured. Pop art-style irony gives new meaning to the statue of justice symbol, which, in a sense, has become a cliche' that has lost its meaning. The multi-layered theme of Allegories of Justice suggests another truth: the loss of childhood innocence. Reception: Saturday, March 28, 6-8pm.

Human Ecology 101
dal 19/6/2015 al 23/7/2015

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