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dal 23/5/2015 al 23/5/2015

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Clipa Theater

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Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv

New site-specific project by Clipa Theater

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Forever/Never is a new site-specific project by Clipa Theater, moving on the diminishing borderline between visual art, dance and performance, offering a passage through hauntingly attractive and deceiving images of beauty and violence. The visual images in Forever/Never are especially designed to be both disturbing and shockingly beautiful and are operated in an endless movement loop, that allows the spectator to choose the duration of his observation of the scene before moving on to the next 'Tableau Vivant'. Clipa Theater is the leading visual theater group in Israel, and its productions are staged regularly in museums, theaters and festivals worldwide. Over its years of work, the group has created dozens of shows and has collaborated with a wide range of artists and companies in Israel and throughout the world. Forever/Never could adapt to a variety of large spaces, re-designed according to the location and the particular art works present in it. In addition, due to the continuous artistic connections with European colleagues, Forever/Never could be developed and re-staged as a collaborative project with local artists or groups. Sunday 24 May 2015, 8:30pm - 9:30pm.

dal 23/5/2015 al 23/5/2015

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