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Alex Martinis Roe
dal 7/6/2015 al 7/6/2015

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Alex Martinis Roe

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Alex Martinis Roe

Haus der Kulturen der Welt - HKW, Berlin

Our Future Network. An event within the framework of 'Salon of Aesthetic Experiments'

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An evening of propositions. A series of new political practices developed collectively out of embodied research into a particular genealogy of feminist theory-practice. Through adaptations, extensions and departures from a number of historical relational formats, these new practices attempt to draw new materialist developments in feminist philosophy into other political arenas. This collective endeavor attempts to build a trans generational network as a way of imagining how to reorganise ourselves through different social relations. Including contributions from Cecile Bally, Deborah Ligorio, Carolina Soares, Valerie Terwei and Lea von Wintzingerode. An event within the framework of 'Salon of Aesthetic Experiments', a collaborative project with the Graduate School at the Forum for Post Graduate Studies at Berlin University of the Arts. The Graduiertenschule is supported by the Einstein Stiftung Berlin.

dal 22/10/2015 al 13/12/2015

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